HP USB 3.0 Dual Head Graphics Adapters
HP USB 3.0 Dual Head Graphics Adapters

Mar 07, 2013– Palo Alto, USA  (Techreleased) – DisplayLink®, the leading provider of USB Graphics technology, today announced the latest HP Plug-and-Display Dual Output USB Graphics Adapter, powered by DisplayLink technology, which enables up to six displays to be connected to a notebook or PC.

The new Dual Output USB Graphics Adapter considerably boosts users productivity, enabling them to review and edit documents side by side, read emails on one screen while multitasking on another.

“HP’s new Dual Output USB Graphics Adapter is the ideal solution for businesses and IT organizations to rapidly deploy multiple displays benefits to users across businesses and enterprises globally, without impacting IT organizations with complex setups.” said John Cummins, Vice President Sales and Marketing for DisplayLink. “It’s more cost effective and energy efficient than other graphics card solutions meeting the environmental needs of the “green” enterprise which will appeal to customers globally”.

The HP Dual Output USB Graphics Adapter is small in form factor but enables connections for two displays powered by DisplayLink’s award winning DL-3900 Graphics chip, supporting both Display Port and DVI-I (allowing both digital DVI and traditional analogue VGA displays or projectors to be connected). Host side connectivity is achieved over a single plug-and-display USB cable, providing both data and power. Users can connect multiple Dual Head USB Graphics Adapters to achieve multiple monitor setups scaling up to 6 displays in total, which can even be daisy chained behind a USB powered hub enabling a single USB cable expansion for platforms such as Ultrabooks.

Pricing and Availability

The new HP Dual Output USB Graphics Adapter will be available to businesses and enterprises in all regions, with an MSRP of $99.00