Dime Studios launch debut, Tasty Fish
Dime Studios launch debut, Tasty Fish

Sept 05, 2012–Melbourne,Australia (Techreleased) –Dime studios launch debut, Tasty Fish.Tasty Fish, a free to play iOS game by Australian indie developers, Dime Studios, became available for iPhone and iPad.

What began as a student client project has evolved into the commercial debut for the Australian developers. The project was inspired by principles in artificial intelligence and flocking behaviour that the team, then students, were studying at university. After delivering a polished prototype that demonstrated the strong gameplay potential, team members secured the rights under Dime Studios. Dime continued the production in 2012, improving the design and adding progression elements, achievements, leaderboards and social integration.

Tasty Fish features a school of adorable looking fish in a fight for survival. Players must avoid Crabs, dodge Nets and evade Sharks to stay alive as long as possible and get the highest score they can before it’s game over.

Players are awarded coins based on their performance, and can use them to purchase Exotic Fish which grant their school powerful abilities to help increase their survivability.

They can also purchase Life Preservers, the game’s consumable items which can be used in a panic to get players out of precarious situations, or strategically to increase their score.

All of the content in Tasty Fish can be accessed by simply playing the game, and future content will be provided free. Tasty Fish does feature In-App Purchase solutions for players, but they are unobtrusive and completely optional.

The Exotic Fish Tank (an item that grants players instant access to every Exotic Fish) and the Magic Clam (a mysterious mollusc that doubles the player’s coins earnt) are fantastic value at USD 0.99c each.

There is also a range of coin booster packs for players who find themselves in need of some quick cash.

Tasty Fish is available exclusively to iPhone and iPad, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and iTunes.