Threat Resource Center
Threat Resource Center

July 30, 2012– Atlanta,USA (Techreleased) –Dell SecureWorks, an industry leader in information security services, has launched a newAdvanced Threat Resource Center to help organizations detect, resist and successfully respond to advanced cyber threats.

“Advanced Threats” are any in which a determined adversary is actively engaged in targeting and attacking an organization, whether it is for financial gain, intellectual property theft, intelligence collection or competitive advantage or is intended to harm an organization’s reputation.

At the Advanced Threat Resource Center, information security leaders and professionals have access to a wide range of threat analyses, white papers, videos and webcasts that outline many of the techniques, tools and social engineering tactics hackers use to compromise organizations. This information allows organizations to gain knowledge of the different types of advanced threats, the ways advanced threat actors operate, the people and organizations they target, and the strategies and tactics they use to breach them.

“Our Counter Threat Unit research team, which is often the first in the security industry to identify emerging threats and new exploit techniques, has engaged with a diverse range of security leaders who are actively defending against advanced threats every day,” said Jon Ramsey, Dell SecureWorks chief technology officer. “Collectively, we have assimilated a knowledge base that gives organizations a real-world guide on how to detect, resist, respond and mitigate the risks from these targeted threats.”

Ramsey added, “This new resource center contains valuable tools that help demystify advanced threats. By understanding how these advanced threats operate, organizations can better protect themselves.”