Tactical Mobile Data Center
Tactical Mobile Data Center

July 17, 2012 – Round Rock, USA  (Techreleased) – Dell announced today the launch of its Tactical Mobile Data Center, an air deployable and wholly customizable data center solution designed to empower government and military operations anytime, anywhere. The solution will allow customers to quickly deploy a powerful and flexible IT infrastructure anywhere in the globe to power operations that require a robust IT backbone.

Many government and military customers must quickly deploy and establish operations in remote areas to accomplish their mission. In today’s environment, that infrastructure includes a robust IT framework that allows government workers and members of the military to operate more effectively through the use of technology. The Tactical Mobile Data Center helps those customers to quickly deploy those capabilities anywhere in the world, establish that infrastructure, and when ready, quickly re-deploy that infrastructure leaving a minimal footprint and allowing for quick movement in and out of an area of operations.
The Dell Tactical Mobile Data Center can be configured to meet specific customer needs. Details of both the IT Pack and the AC/UPS Pack include:

IT Pack

  • Three 42U – 15KW capacity server racks (45KW total)
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Data connections (fiber, copper, or BNC)
  • Customize with Dell servers and storage
  • Each container holds up to 120U’s or 10,000 lbs
 AC/UPS Pack

  • Glycol closed loop system supports cooling capacity of the IT Pack
  • Battery backup and power conditioning system
  • Supports structured or generated power feed

Each of these components is contained in ISU-96 Containers which include:

ISU-96 Container

  • Flight certified container
  • Red, blue tactical light as well as standard lighting with service outlets
  • Fire suppression and emergency power off
  • Integrated high density cooling with horizontal air flow
  • Automatic back-up ventilation
  • Remote environmental monitoring including video
  • Temperature, humidity, and airflow controls
  • Alerts issued before problems occur
  • Intrusion detection and monitoring

Deployable to any location, Dell’s Tactical Mobile Data Center can expand customers’ current data center, used as a back-up or recovery site to provide disaster recovery services or create new data centers in remote locations. The system can operate under a wide range of temperatures and conditions allowing for powerful operations in many environments.

“Many of our military and government customers are forced to quickly deploy to remote environments, like combat outposts in Afghanistan, or even in more developed communities following a natural disaster,” said Joe Ayers, vice president and general manager, Dell Federal. “In today’s operational environment in order to have access to the tools and information most organizations need to accomplish their mission, they must also have a robust IT infrastructure, and we’ve designed this solution specifically to meet the needs of these very special customers.”