While many industries use hydraulic and pneumatic machines on the daily to accomplish work-related tasks, very few personnel actually have the training and expertise to ensure they’re using the systems safely every time. When purchasing product for your workplace, partner with a supplier that will also train their customers on proper use and safety when using fluid power, guaranteeing optimum system performance, that each component reaches its promised lifespan through teaching proper care procedures, and that the wellbeing of those on the job is safeguarded.


Pneutech-Rousseau, for example, is one company that offers customer training services with the purchase of their equipment so that their partners get the most out of each investment. This approach also begins to create a culture of safety around machinery that isn’t always familiar to those working on the floor. Those attending training sessions are empowered with the confidence that they’ll be able to troubleshoot issues, and provide insight to coworkers– in turn increasing overall moral and productivity in the workplace.

Visit www.pneutechrousseau.com to see examples of how the company will show employees how to safely test hydraulic components like the motor, check flows, fix leaks, and how to handle a system when the oil or fluid undergoes a spike in temperature. Following proper procedures consistently will prevent unfortunate incidents like burns, abrasions, bruises or worse, but only when employees are cognisant of the risks and use personal protective equipment while operating hydraulic or pneumatic equipment. Employees will also learn never to test any hydraulic component to atmosphere as it can cause severe injury, death, or substantial property damage. They’ll be provided through the training sessions with the skills and diagnostic tools to perform their jobs correctly.

The clients will further be reminded in training that their state of mind plays a significant role in their health and safety on the floor as ignorance and complacency are often the root causes of incidents associated with hydraulics. Unfortunately, ignorance in the fluid power industry is far reaching. Even those who write the manuals for operation do not always account for external factors that can cause a job to become hazardous. For example, when employees take short cuts out of frustration or fatigue, this can increase the potential for danger.

The company’s representatives will have the skills and knowledge to answer any questions the machine’s future operators might have, leading by providing simple and influential training their client’s employees can follow. At the same time, they will continuously reinforce safety, and be thorough with each explanation so every operator will know exactly what they are doing and why, breaking each task down into digestible sections. When employees lack direction for how to use their equipment correctly, the chances of their safety being compromised increases, it also prevents work from being performed efficiently. Next time you’re purchasing hydraulic or pneumatic products, choose a company that will also train their customers in order to maximize machine-use safety, boosting work flow and productivity on the floor.