Titan Burden Carriers
Titan Burden Carriers
Titan Burden Carriers
Titan Burden Carriers

Jan 16, 2013– Augusta, USA  (Techreleased) –Intended to offer the industry a larger variety of payload and towing capacities to meet any facility’s hauling needs, Cushman is expanding its Titan® line of burden carriers.

With varied passenger and power options, the Titan family of vehicles will now include five burden carriers across three models.

“Every facility, plant and warehouse around the world is unique – each with a different set of vehicle needs,” said Darryl Heffline, vice president of commercial business at Cushman. “Large or small, the Cushman Titan line of burden carriers can meet any facilities’ distinct needs when it comes to payload and towing capacity in addition to passenger and power options.”

The three models of the Titan burden carrier line each come with different features.

Titan LD
The most economic model of the group, the Titan LD seats two passengers and its 36-volt DC motor powers a 1,750-pound payload capacity. It comes with optional brake lights and rear and front bumpers.

Titan HD
The Titan HD comes in a two-passenger model with a choice between a 36- or 48-volt DC electric motor. Its 2,500-pound payload and 3,600-pound towing capacities make the Titan HD ideal for most facility tasks. It comes equipped with rear hydraulic brakes and a swing-out battery compartment. Additional options include front hydraulic brakes, headlights and turn signals.

Titan XD
The Titan XD is designed to meet the most rigorous facility demands. Its 5,000-pound towing capacity and 3,000-pound payload capacity are powered by a 48-volt DC electric motor. A front and rear suspension for a smooth ride and better turning comes standard, as does rack and pinion steering to give the vehicle an automotive feel and better wheel alignment. A four-wheel hydraulic best-in-class braking system enhances stopping performance. Regenerative braking and LED brake lights improve battery life and extend run time. An automotive-like driver interface further improves operation. In addition, Titan XD models meeting UL 583 certification (Type E and EE options) are available.

For more information about the new Titan family of burden carriers, visit www.cushman.com.