Corsair Announces GamingMouse Mats
Corsair Announces GamingMouse Mats

Oct 25, 2012– Fremont, USA  (Techreleased) –Corsair®, aworldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaminghardware market, today announced a new range of gaming mouse mats, designedwith durable, gaming-grade surfaces designed to maximize the performance ofhigh-quality gaming mice like the Vengeance® Series laser gaming mice.

“Just as performance sports cars needs premium-quality tiresin order to maximize performance on the road, a high-quality gaming mouse matis essential to maximize the performance of gaming mice like the Vengeance laser gaming mice”, saidRuben Mookerjee, Vice President and General Manager of the Components BusinessUnit at Corsair. “Corsair gaming mouse mats are engineered from the ground-upto deliver the consistent performance that gamers demand, so they can focus onwinning.”

Two model ranges will launch initially: the Vengeance MM200, and VengeanceMM400.


The Vengeance MM200 mouse pad features a glide-optimized textilesurface that has been carefully screened to ensure consistent tracking with anygaming mouse sensor. Features of the MM200 include fray-resistant edges, and anon-slip rubber base to prevent bunching or slipping during intense gameplay. TheMM200 is available in four sizes, including extra large and wide formats, tosuit different playing styles.


The Vengeance MM400 mouse mat features a tuned, low-friction polymersurface that has been engineered to provide outstanding glide and precisecontrol, for pixel-accurate aiming. The surface is particularly effective whenused with performance laser gaming mice, such as the Corsair Vengeance Seriesmice. The MM400 is available in a single, over-sized format with 957cm2of available gaming surface, to ensure you won’t run your mouse off the edge ina critical moment.

Pricing andAvailability

The CorsairVengeance MM200 and M400 mouse pads are backed by a 1-year limitedwarranty, and are available now from Corsair’s worldwide network of authorizedretailers and distributors. The suggested US retail prices are listed below.

MM200: Small $12.99; Medium/Large $14.99, Extra Large $24.99, Wide $16.99
MM400: $29.99