Costa Diadema
Costa Diadema

Dec 14, 2012– Marghera, Italy  (Techreleased) – It ‘began today at Fincantieri’s Marghera construction in the basin of Costa Diadema, the future flagship of Costa Cruises fleet flying the Italian flag. With 132,500 tons and a capacity of 4,947 total guests will be the largest cruise ship flying the Italian flag. E ‘at 10 ° Costa ship built by Fincantieri in Italy since 2000, for a total investment of nearly € 5 billion. The construction and arrangement, which will end at the end of October 2014, will employ about 3,500 workers and 400 contracted suppliers. At the opening ceremony of the present work was the CEO of Costa Crociere SpA, Michael Thamm, the CEO of Costa Crociere SpA, Gianni Onorato, and Fincantieri CEO Giuseppe Bono.

Michael Thamm, CEO of Costa Crociere SpA, said: “The construction of the Costa Diadema is a real commitment to the future growth of our company. Has a positive meaning, not only for us but also for Italy, especially Venice. Thanks to Costa Diadema, in fact, strengthens our collaboration with Fincantieri, which since 2000 has resulted in the construction of 10 new ships for a total value of almost € 5 billion, creating wealth and jobs for the country. ”

Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri, said: “The end of year is approaching and it is time to take stock for us. 2012 was an extremely difficult year and especially for shipbuilding. The total global investments amounted to little more than a quarter compared to 2007, which resulted in a halving of orders for cruise ships. We have done our part, making sure almost all of these orders, confirming the dual challenge that we have set: first focus on areas that offer good opportunities for development, and on the other to keep the leadership in the areas of traditional presence . Today, with the start of work for this to be another beautiful ship Costa’s friends, look to the future with some more confirmation. ”

During the ceremony, the first block of the ship – weighing 504 tonnes, 15.7 meters wide and 29 meters long, which will form the central part of the ship – was lifted by a crane and deposited on the bottom of the basin, where the ship will be built. Construction and equipment will last until October 30, 2014, date of delivery of the ship. The project will involve a total of approximately 1,000 Coast Diadema direct employees of the yard and another 2,500 industries. The benefits for employment address not only the works, but especially for the preparation of the interior, also about 400 external companies, most of which are Italian.

Costa Cruises has invested approximately € 550 million for its new flagship. Will be the largest cruise ship flying the Italian flag: 132,500 tons, 306 meters long, 37.2 wide, 4,947 total Guests, 1,253 crew members, 1,854 total cabins for guests. Costa Diadema will ship even more enjoyable and comfortable for guests, both in internal and in external areas, and propose new exclusive as regards the choice of cuisine, entertainment and technology.

Shipbuilding is just one of the activities related to Costa Crociere which produce wealth on the Italian territory. According to a study of the MIP, the Business School of Politecnico di Milano, in 2010 Costa Crociere SpA has generated a total economic impact of over € 2.2 billion on the Italian economy, distributed in all regions of the peninsula.
The economic impact of the Costa Group has determined an employment impact of great importance, the study estimated MIP 12,300 units, including 3,600 directly employed by the group and 8,700 generated along supply chains and operators of tourist services (calculated on the basis the “unit of work FTE” – FTE – full time equivalent), for a total salary of more than € 373 million gross.