Connected Cars 2015 — June 24-25, 2015 — Amsterdam, Netherlands. With the connected vehicle market in rapid growth, car manufacturers continue to face the biggest challenge of all – how to define a profitable connectivity strategy. Creating a superior business model to capitalise on this growth is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

Connected Cars 15

To help your businesses achieve their goals, Connected Cars ‘15 comes back in its 3rd year with a focus on driving success and ultimately revenue growth in this booming sector. Through case studies, focused workshops and discussion groups the event will help develop and identify new business strategies to make the most of future growth.

The Connected Cars programme has been put together with the input and guidance of 8 industry visionaries from the likes of Audi, Panasonic and Ericsson (and others) – ensuring it is on the mark and up to date for the business needs of the connected cars ecosystem.

Connected Cars ‘15 will be the only event in Europe to deliver:

  • A STRATEGIC, MONEY MAKING FOCUS ON BUSINESS MODELS: Where should you be investing? How can you create a business model that will maximise revenue and costs savings? Through case studies and interaction with your peers, you will leave with concrete ideas for making your connectivity programme a success
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: 10+ hours of networking using mind shares, discussion group formats, hosted lunch tables and speed networking to ensure you leave with valuable relationships to help you build your business
  • NEW DISCUSSION GROUP FORMATS: Through frank and focused discussion groups, your challenges will be addressed, information will be shared among peers and lasting relationships will be built
  • AN INTERACTIVE CAR EXHIBITION: Live demonstrations of the latest solutions will ensure you are in touch with of the rapidly changing market

Benefits of attending

  • Assess how to maximise the success of your connected car programme
  • Examining infotainment and connectivity systems: How can you make the right choice to suit your target consumer market?
  • Analyse sales and marketing strategies for connected vehicles and how best to engage consumers effectively
  • Evaluate applications and examine how you can decide on what solutions will be the most suited for your connected systems and ultimately the consumer
  • Project and manage potential privacy and regulatory issues
  • Develop a data strategy: How could you reduce costs or establish new revenue streams through the effective use of data collected from connected systems?
  • Stay ahead of current and future security threats to ensure your business thrives