Compact, Lightweight And Truly A Time Saver -Kingmax Reveal The Latest Portable Ssd Ke31- – Dec 20, 2018 – ‎Hsinchu, Taiwa (Techreleased) – KINGMAX Technology Inc., the world’s leading provider of memory products, reveal the latest brand new portable solid state drive-KE31. To meet the growing demands for powerful portable storage devices, KINGMAX expands its product lineup with the KE31 portable SSD, which is designed to fulfill all you require for a high-performance portable SSD. Featuring a super-tiny size, fast transfer speeds and large capacities up to 960GB, the KE31 is the best companion for heavy users to easily get their works done wherever they go.

Extremely Compact and Lightweight

To compare with ordinary External Hard Drive, the portable SSD KE31 has many advantages of NAND Flash products. With no moving parts, KE31 Portable SSD promises a shock-resistant protection and noise-free operation.

No matter it comes to work or entertainment, the Portable SSD KE31 can let you access to your massive data easily and quickly. Furthermore, the KE31 can go well with all your stuff with its trendy design. The sleek exterior and modern angle white color create an incredibly chic and classic look that will never be out of fashion. With a tiny size that is smaller than a smartphone, it perfectly fits in your pocket or bags, which is an ideal external storage solution for users who are always on the move.

Blazing Fast Transfer Speeds with USB 3.1 Gen 1 Interface

Adopting 3D NAND synchronous flash and USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, the Portable SSD KE31 enables blistering-fast data transmission rate and allows you transfer large files in seconds. In addition, the KE31 applies the SLC Caching technology to further accelerate transferring speeds and system response time. Also, the KE31 supports advanced LDPC Error Correction Code technology to prevent R/W errors for guaranteed data integrity and higher protection against data corruption.

Versatile Applications with Reliable Operation

The KE31 enables versatile applications that it can be used for desktop PC, laptop, and even your game consoles including Xbox and PS4. You can now enjoy all your favorite games without worries about running out of storage space. The KE31 comes with 240GB\480GB\960GB and it’s perfect for photographers, videographers or designers who always need to edit, back-up or transfer large files. The KE31 is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems, and no drivers needed.