Terma's SCANTER 5000
Terma's SCANTER 5000

Colombia selects SCANTER radars for coastal surveillance – Nov 04, 2013– Aarhus, Denmark (Techreleased) – Terma is pleased to announce that the Colombian Coast Guard has chosen Terma SCANTER 5000 radars for its new coastal surveillance system, enabling the Coast Guard to detect all surface activity along the coast line. The program is planned to provide complete coast line coverage.

Terma's SCANTER 5000
Terma’s SCANTER 5000

The ability to detect very small objects under all weather conditions including heavy rain has been a key parameter in the Coast Guards choice of radar technology.

The Colombian Coast Guard selected Terma’s new SCANTER 5000 X-band solid state radar based on IALA V-128 level “Advanced”. Multi-frequency diversity transmission, high gain antenna technology and state-of-the-art signal processing makes the SCANTER 5000 radar far superior to standard marine S/X-band radars.

The SCANTER 5000 solid state radar family offers the best price/performance ratio available in the Coastal Surveillance System (CSS) and Vessel Traffic System (VTS) market, both in terms of acquisition and life cycle costs!

SCANTER radars are fully network enabled; radar video and radar control are available for both local and remote operation and since the market introduction in 2010 the SCANTER 5000 has been integrated with most System Integrators for projects worldwide.

For more than 20 years, Terma SCANTER radars have been selected for more than 90% of the professional CSS and VTS systems fielded, in total close to 2000 systems. Furthermore, the new generation SCANTER 5000 is delivered to 20+ customers in a quantity above 120.

The SCANTER 5000 customers include Norwegian Coast Guard, Spanish Guardia Civil, Port of London and Port of Hong Kong Authorities.