The cloud has helped change how companies have their telecommunications needs met, and has also helped make things more efficient for the busiest of companies. Because everything is both transferred and stored online, companies can save money by not having to have a lot of expensive equipment to maintain. Because of its versatility, more companies have turned to it in recent years.

Cloud PBX

A Change Long in the Making

Although cloud PBX providers have only made news relatively recently, the valuable services that they provide feature technology that is well-trusted. The cloud-based technology so popular today has existed since the mid-1990’s, making it one of the most well-established forms of technology preferred today. Because an overwhelming majority of Internet users today use broadband, cloud technology has adapted to suit these higher Internet speeds.

Why the Cloud is Different

One of the things that has made a major difference in the rise of cloud computing is its versatility. Early cloud technology developers used this type of imagery to demonstrate the difference between it and traditional point to point technology. The greatest advantage to cloud PBX services is having all of the maintenance and software updates in the hands of a provider, freeing up company personnel for other important tasks.

A Solution for Those on the Go

Using the cloud makes a major difference for employees always on the go or for companies with a workforce in multiple locations. These solutions are fully versatile for multiple device types, making it easier for employees to make calls without the company having to upgrade all of their equipment. This option allows full access to all of the features found in traditional PBX systems, with of the maintenance handled by others. The solution is a winning one all around.

Advanced Technology Saves Time

Even though cloud PBX saves companies a lot of money, one of its biggest advantages is the fact that it also saves a lot of time over maintaining your own equipment. Traditional PBX equipment, because of its size, requires a dedicated storage area, possibly requiring time to be spent expanding the facilities. Contacting a repair person when something goes wrong and having to wait for a service call can be very time-consuming in a busy office environment. Manual operation also requires dedicated operators, which leaves fewer employees available for other tasks. The alternative not only saves time in these instances but also makes it easier for offices to expand or move without disrupting daily operation.

Excellent Savings

For many companies reluctant to make the change, seeing the savings involved with cloud PBX often makes all the difference. The equipment for traditional PBX is somewhat expensive, and there are also installation costs to consider, along with extra staffing that may run into the thousands. With a cloud-based system, users pay a monthly fee that may cost under $100, plus setup fees. Companies that are just starting up or that have a smaller number of employees will often benefit from these flexible solutions.

Everything is at Your Fingertips

Cloud PBX solutions offer flexibility, while still providing the security that companies need for their important data. Each user has login information, giving them ready access to the system while ensuring that their information is safe from others. Because of the easy accessibility, key employees do not have as much need to worry about accessing their important information when they are out of the office. All of the data storage and backup is handled at the provider’s end, so you don’t need to worry about what might happen in the event of a data loss or breach.

Consider Making the Switch

Company owners that want more flexibility for their day-to-day operations would do well to consider cloud-based PBX. The reduced costs and greater convenience make everything easier all around and help orient the company towards success. When companies make these changes, they are likely to enjoy greater opportunities that weren’t available to them previously. Company owners can often measure their success based upon the availability of new equipment that increases their productivity. In a world where things are very fast-paced, and companies must rise to new challenges, the latest technology makes all the difference.