Chilibite Games Announces New Title, 'Cross The Line'
Chilibite Games Announces New Title, ‘Cross The Line’

Sept 27, 2012–Madrid,Spain (Techreleased) –Chilibite games announces new title, ‘Cross The Line’. Independent games publisher Chilibite Games and developer Codi Games today announced their continued collaboration bringing another title,Cross The Line, to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets later this year.

Cross The Line is a fun and innovative game where you have to solve puzzles presented to you on a blackboard. Touch and slide a ball in order to cross the line while interacting with various different geometrical objects around you. With 100 different levels, global high scores, neat elegant graphics and a simple yet very addictive game-play it will engage users for hours and hours.

“Cross The Line is a very unique game where manipulating and interacting with the objects is easy but there are many surprising elements and the puzzles become increasingly challenging. We guarantee plenty of enjoyment for everyone” says Francisco Jose Martinez, CEO and co-founder of Codi Games.

“We’re extremely pleased to work with Codi Games once again and bring another beautiful puzzle game to the market. We have very high expectations on Cross The Line” added Nea Bautista, co-founder of Chilibite Games.