Centrosolar introduces CENPAC Storage DC – Jun 11, 2013– Hamburg, Germany  (Techreleased) – Building upon the wave of new storage products introduced in March, Centrosolar will now be launching a third system for solar power storage. CENPAC Storage DC, based on tried and tested lead gel technology, is perfectly suited for new installations in private households. The system is equipped with a direct current connection, which reduces the amount of equipment required for system operation by eliminating the need for an additional inverter.

CentrosolarThe DC side connection makes the system easy to install and requires fewer components. With this system, it is no longer necessary to convert DC to AC power. This eliminates the risk of power loss due to conversion, enabling the system to operate at a maximum level of efficiency. With an output capacity of 10 kW, the integrated Powerstocc DC Storage inverter is highly flexible and ideal for PV systems with a capacity of between 4 and 11 kWp. The inverter features a three-phase power supply system and an integrated energy management system. The system controls the monitoring as well as the charging and discharging processes. The system itself determines whether the power that it produces is fed into the municipal grid, stored in the battery or used immediately by the household. “With the CENPAC Storage DC system, we are expanding our range of storage systems to include a DC side system. Now it is possible to use the PV system around the clock without the need for complex equipment. In the summer months, when there are high levels of sunlight, the storage system supplies all of the power needs for an average household without any reliance on electricity from an external energy supplier,” explains Dr Axel Müller-Groeling, CEO of Centrosolar AG

Centrosolar uses a lead gel battery storage system manufactured by Hoppecke. For over 100 years, these maintenance-free sealed batteries have been in successful use in a wide range of different applications. With a gross capacity of 11.6 kWh (5.8 kWh net), these batteries are ideal for PV systems in detached or semi-detached homes. The batteries have a high cyclic stability and a service life of approximately 2,500 charging and discharging cycles at 50 percent depth of discharge. The batteries are built into a frame consisting of five vertically stacked units. The frame is 1.6 meters in height and can easily be installed in any basement.

The CENPAC Storage DC system will be available in October 2013. In addition to this system, Centrosolar also introduced two AC side systems this year. All three storage systems will be presented at the Intersolar trade fair in June.

Centrosolar at the Intersolar trade fair: Hall 1, Stand A1.480