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PDF Or TIFF Document Format

How To Choose Between A PDF Or TIFF Document Format

If you are scanning and storing a large number of documents then you may be faced by a difficult decision: Whether to use a...

What do users need to know about IaaS

What is IaaS? IaaS is one of the many cloud service models that have the words “as a service” (abbreviated “aaS”) as part of their...
How Does Technology Affect Healthcare

How Does Technology Affect Healthcare and the Tracking of Medical Records?

The rise of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has raised quite a number of questions. The most obvious of all questions is how these new...
3D-printed body parts

Your Life Could Depend on Plastics

Plastic manufacturing isn't just for toys and the latest smartphones; it's also used to save lives. Plastic manufacturing for medical devices has advanced in...
Best Customer Service

The Best Customer Service Companies to Help With Your Shopping

A trip to the shops can be stressful. Painful, even. We'll look at five companies that can make it run a little smoother: It’s a...

What Happens When Fossil Fuels Run Out?

Presented by Plymouth Rock Energy
Studies Show Sitting All Day is Bad for Your Health

Studies Show Sitting All Day is Bad for Your Health

If you are like most people in America, you probably spend a lot of time sitting down during the day, whether it’s sitting while...
Lockheed's F-35

Incredible High-Tech Military Aeroplanes in the UK

The UK boasts a number of leading high-tech military aircraft. These serve not only to boost the UK's defensive capabilities, but to support British...
Safety Technology

A Safer Highway: Why Traffic Fatalities are Declining

Fatalities from traffic accidents have been declining steadily since 2005 with the exception of one year. They are continuing to decline this year in...
Military accidents

Military Accidents While On the Job

Military accidents come in different types and can range from serious to minor. No matter what type of accident, as long as there are...