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NFL Line Judge

How Much Does a NFL Line Judge Make?

The NFL is an entity that has the entire world watching. From the millions of fans on television to the thousands in the stands,...
Business Without Technology

What Would Business Be Like In A World Without Technology?

Virtually all businesses in the United Kingdom rely on and use technology to some degree in their day-to-day tasks. Technology helps us to perform...
international business trip

Technology to Make Your Next Business Trip One To Remember

Planning out the trip is the most important aspect as leaving details up to chance can result in catastrophe. The following are ways that technology can help an employee become the obvious first choice when embarking on an international business trip.
Your Shipment in Transit

Find Out What Really Happens to Your Shipment in Transit

Knowing what stresses an item has endured during shipping can also help you, or your customer, decide whether to inspect, or even reject, shipments when they arrive.
Business Intelligence & the Cloud

Business Intelligence & the Cloud

Here’s how business intelligence and the cloud are changing how organizations gain insights.
start your own business

Should you borrow money to start your own business?

If you work hard and try to achieve success, nothing can stand in your way. All you need is to make the right pick.
iPhone Apps for Business

Must Have iPhone Apps for Business Owners in 2014

There is enormous choice when it comes to iPhone Apps, whether you want entertainment, information, or a tool. The modern era offers all kinds...

CTB-Locker: A New Spin on Ransomware

GameOver Zeus (GOZ) was a banking Trojan distributed through spam and phishing emails. In addition to harvesting a user’s banking credentials, GOZ could take...
Cloud Hosting

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses

Cloud hosting is definitely the way to go if you are looking for a hosting solution for your website and web application. It is...
Technology Affect The Making Of New Movies

How Advances In Technology Affect The Making Of New Movies

Like many industries operating in a technological field, film making has undergone huge changes with new developments. Technology has affected film making in terms...