Mar 26, 2013– Dover, USA  (Techreleased) – Casio America, Inc. is pleased to announce the fx-CP400, which is the latest advancement in the company’s ClassPad series of graphing scientific calculators. Designed with a large color touch-panel and slightly oval shape, the new fx-CP400 fits comfortably in a user’s hand and offers a variety of superior technological functions beneficial for educators and students. Casio’s fx-CP400 will debut at the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics (NCTM) annual meeting in Denver, CO, April 17-20, 2013 in Casio’s booth # 2121.

Casio fx-CP400
Casio fx-CP400

“The introduction of the fx-CP400 represents our continued commitment to the education space. The fx-CP400 is the first in the ClassPad series with a large colored LCD display, making it easier for students to operate and understand formulas, graphs and images,” said Takero Itonaga, senior general manager of Casio’s Consumer Products Division. “Casio takes great pride in developing products that offer innovative education solutions, and the fx-CP400 is designed to help students overcome the difficulties of mathematics.”

Equipped with a high resolution 4.8 inch large touch-panel LCD, the fx-CP400 provides clearer images of mathematical data for students, as well as a better way to comprehend the relationships between their equations and graphs since the calculator can display both at the same time. Also, with the touch of a button, the fx-CP400 can switch from a vertical view to a horizontal view, which is convenient for displaying long mathematical formulas on a single line. Both of these capabilities make it easier for students to grasp difficult mathematical concepts.

Due to the ClassPad series success in the education market throughout the past ten years, Casio has added new, enhanced features to the fx-CP400 while also integrating some of the original ClassPad features such as the Computer Algebra System (CAS), which includes a stylus for pen touch operations. Users can input all their mathematical data by using the keyboard below the screen and then use the stylus on the touch screen to drag and drop the formulas into graphs and charts.

Casio redesigned the ClassPad series’ software keyboard in the fx-CP400 to make it even easier to use. While featuring the same keyboard arrangement made popular by previous ClassPad models, the fx-CP400 has keys that slope down from bottom to top, which helps the user avoid input errors. Additionally, the calculator’s functions are now organized in three levels of learning difficulty, beginning with functions for all users such as fractions and square roots, then advanced functions such as sigma calculations and complex compound numbers, and finally extremely advanced functions like piecewise and user-defined formulas. The fx-CP400 also includes a USB mass storage function for quick and easy data transfer and compatibility with Casio’s projectors for teachers who wish to display the calculator on an even larger screen in the classroom.

The fx-CP400 will be available to educators through education dealers for an MSRP of $149.