Bosch Packaging Technology’s  strategy is producing rapid growth
Bosch Packaging Technology’s strategy is producing rapid growth

Mar 28,2012 – Cologne, Germany  (Techreleased) – With growth of ten percent, Bosch Packaging Technology is looking back on a highly successful 2011 and is set to continue at the same pace in the current year. The packaging technology specialist within Bosch Group reached total sales of 791 million euros, with the share generated outside Germany now at 87 percent (previous year: 86 percent). “We have grown more than twice as fast as the segment of the market relevant to us, which has increased by four percent,” explained Friedbert Klefenz, President of Bosch Packaging Technology, at the press conference of the Anuga FoodTec trade show held in Cologne. The company’s growth was also raised through acquisitions. In the summer of 2011, Hüttlin GmbH (Schopfheim, Germany) and Manesty Ltd. (now Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd., Knowsley, Great Britain) became subsidiaries of Bosch Packaging Technology. These acquisitions further extended the company’s portfolio in the field of pharmaceutical process technology.

Forecasts for the current year indicate a similarly dynamic development. “For 2012, we are aiming at sales of 850 million euros,” Klefenz stated. These expectations are built on order intake levels which reached a new peak at the end of 2011 with a volume of 894 million euros. This is 14 percent up on the previous year’s figure.

Bosch Packaging Technology also intends to increase its global activities further. One example is China where the company started up ten years ago with 13 associates and now employs nearly 400 people. Apart from expanding its location in Hangzhou, Bosch Packaging Technology also started production at another site in Chengdu towards the end of last year. But the company is also investing in the established markets. Thirteen million euros are being spent on the expansion of its site at Crailsheim. This is aimed at creating up to 70 local jobs by 2013.

Bosch Packaging Technology sees clear opportunities for growth, especially in Asia and Latin America. The established markets of North America and Western Europe will continue to show a mildly positive development. “We can see a further large market potential in Africa. This is why we are the first major supplier of packaging machines with an own assembly location in South Africa,” explained Klefenz. Bosch Packaging Technology currently has over 20 production facilities worldwide and employs around 4.700 associates.

New developments for filling of liquid foods
At Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Bosch Packaging Technology presents a number of pioneering innovations. The focus is on two lines for clean-fill applications. These technologies complement Bosch’s tried and tested Aseptic portfolio and are destined to play an ever more important role over the coming years, because consumers are increasingly looking for high-quality food products. Ultrasonic sealing, thermoforming and new packaging materials are just some examples of packaging food with even greater care, thus maintaining the value of the product. From the development stage of the new TFC Thermoform clean-fill machine, issues like operating height, accessibility and hygienic design were addressed. The unit’s film track runs at a height of just one meter. All formatting equipment is easily accessible and specially designed to facilitate cleaning and changeover operations. The new development also incorporates an automatic banding unit, allowing adjustments to cup and band height without the need to change format parts. This eliminates downtime due to format changes. “We expect many customers to upgrade their equipment in line with the standard set by us,” said Dr Günther Burkhard, Vice President Sales, Bosch Packaging Technology, Business Unit Liquid Food.

New SurePOUCH packaging styles
Another entirely new development is the SurePOUCH packaging styles. These combine the Bosch competence demonstrated over many years in the area of vertical flow wrappers with various filling technologies for liquid and pasty products. At the core is the SurePOUCH product family – flexible block-bottom bags produced with Bosch’s SurePOUCH Clean-fill (SPC) vertical flow wrapper. Available formats are “Retail” (for individual requirements) and “Food Service” (for the catering industry), which can hold quantities from 100 milliliters to five liters. All packaging styles are produced, filled, closed and sealed with the same machine. This is a unique way of giving customers more flexibility. Users retain the option of expanding their product portfolio at a later date without having to subject their production line to a substantial overhaul. SurePOUCH is suitable for clean-fill packaging of still drinks and water, but also dairy products as well as concentrates, soups, sauces and dressings. The unit can also process dry bulk goods such as flakes, powders, rice and coffee.

A flexible, much lighter design
The new SPC vertical flow wrapper is capable of filling a variety of products, achieving hygiene standards up to ultra clean-fill. Contamination can largely be excluded because the product is filled directly into the pouch without using a spout. The SurePOUCH product family uses a closure that will only come into contact with the product when the consumer opens the packaging. Closures with variable positioning fitted with ultrasonic technology are also available in a choice of sizes. This allows for a broad range of packaging designs and applications.

The pouch is made of flexible material and therefore presents great benefits such as high residual discharge levels as well as foldability for efficient disposal. Compared to cartons, metal containers and cans, SurePOUCH films are much thinner and are made of lightweight plastics. This means that system costs and energy consumption for production and transportation are significantly lower. Compared to other packaging concepts there are weight savings of up to 80 percent. The new flexible design also often contributes to a better use of volume than that achievable with rigid containers.