GCM 12 JL Professional from Bosch
GCM 12 JL Professional from Bosch

Jan 25, 2013– Stuttgart, Germany  (Techreleased) – The GCM 12 JL Professional miter saw from Bosch is designed for professional trades people who are often on jobsites and have to be very flexible in the work they do there. It is the first miter saw from Bosch to have integrated spacers. Users can switch from the maximum horizontal cutting capacity of 80 x 200 millimeters to the maximum vertical cutting capacity of 100 x 150 millimeters in only a few moves. The tool is therefore suitable for cutting square timber to length and also for cutting floorboards or tongue-and-groove boards to size.

Quick, clean working with high precision
The GCM 12 JL Professional is equipped with a powerful 2000 watt motor. It drives the saw blade with a diameter of 305 millimeters at 4,300 revolutions per minute to ensure quick and clean sawing. The soft start electronics start the saw without jolting and ensure that current peaks do not overload the tool or the mains. Moreover, the soft start electronics increase the motor lifetime of the tool.

The miter angles of the GCM 12 JL Professional are freely adjustable and lockable. The work table engages automatically at the standard miter angles. The bevel angle of the saw blade can be adjusted too and fixed at up to 47 degrees to the left and 2 degrees to the right. To make it easier for professional trades people to make precise cuts, the cutting line is projected onto the work piece by a laser beam. Especially precise and effortless cuts can be made with the “Expert for Wood” circular saw blade, which is available as an accessory. The “Expert for Multi Material” circular saw blade can be used to saw not only wood, but also non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Compact format allows for easy transport
The GCM 12 JL Professional is very compact and weighs about 20 kilograms. Its case-like carrying handle enables it to be carried comfortably and close to the body over shorter distances. Users who need to carry the tool over longer distances or want to be permanently mobile on the jobsite can use the wheeled GTA 2500 W Professional saw stand. The tool’s features are completed by two extendible side extensions for sawing longer work pieces and an optimized extraction outlet for efficient dust extraction.

The GCM 12 JL Professional miter saw will be available at specialist retail outlets from February 2013 onwards at a price of 599 euros plus VAT. It is supplied with a standard saw blade for woodworking, a G-clamp for fixing the material, and a dust collection bag.

 Specifications  GCM 12 JL Professional
 Power input  2000 W
 Rated speed  4,300 rpm
 Saw blade diameter  305 mm
 Maximum cutting capacity at 0°
(without / with spacer)
 80 x 200/100 x 150 mm
 Maximum cutting capacity at 45° miter
(without / with spacer)
 80 x 141/100 x 100 mm
 Maximum cutting capacity at 45° bevel  38 x 200 mm
 Miter setting  52° L/ 52° R
 Bevel setting  47° L/ 2° R
 Horizontal standard miter angles
(to both left and right)
 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6, 45°
 Dimensions  560 x 640 x 650 mm
 Weight  20.2 kg