Bosch eBike Systems
Bosch eBike Systems

Oct 02, 2012–Stuttgart,Germany(Techreleased) –Bosch eBike Systems is exhibiting at Intermot for the first time this year. The International Motorcycle, Scooter and Bicycle Fair, which takes place from October 3 to 7 in Cologne, is focused this year on the trend toward eMobility, consisting in the Bosch eBike System’s case of the components motor, battery, and on-board computer control and display device, and on show in Hall 5.2 at Booth D-035/C-032. Hall 5.2 is dedicated solely to eMotion, a topic that attracted over 100,000 visitors to Intermot two years ago.
“Electromobility moves and motivates people in many different ways,” says Claus Fleischer, head of the Bosch eBike Systems product division, “and that goes for us as a company too. Mobility has, after all, always been a core issue at Bosch. In our opinion, eMobility for two-wheelers has a major contribution to make toward the further development of mobility that is easy on the environment and on resources. As a technology company we are in the position to contribute our know-how toward the development and use of further electric propulsion systems.”

Come and see current highlights
The eBike system that Bosch is presenting at its booth is state-of-the-art. Its highlights are the Intuvia on-board computer and the 400 Wh PowerPack 400 battery. The PowerPack 400 weighs 2.6 kg, making it slightly heavier than the PowerPack 300, but just as compact with an up to 30 percent longer range. It is available fixed either to the frame or to the rear carrier and is fully charged in three and a half hours at most. Using the new, quiet battery charger, 80 percent capacity is reached in two and a half hours.

Intuvia is the next generation of eBike on-board computer controls. As the name indicates, the “ignition key” to Bosch eBike electric propulsion is intuitive to use and gives the user easy access to a range of information and functions. Using the Intuvia control unit, which is attached separately to the handlebar, the eBiker can select any of five assistance modes – Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, Off – or use the Bosch eBike System’s newly available pushing aid mode. Intuvia can be tried out on the handlebars on show at the booth. Information about the entire Bosch system is of course also available at the Intermot booth.

Visitors to the trade show booth can find out for themselves just what “epowered by Bosch” feels like on a bike. Step onto the demo bike and you will feel both the wind in your face and the power that a Bosch eBike system generates. The drive system’s comfort, sportiness, and optimal coordination round off the experience.