Bosch BASF's Smart Spraying Solution Launches in Germany and Hungary

Bosch BASF Smart Farming has announced the launch of its Smart Spraying Solution technology, which will be integrated into Dammann’s range of intelligent crop protection sprayers for practical use. The system combines Bosch’s high-tech camera sensor technology and software with the advanced digital agronomic decision engine of xarvio Digital Farming Solutions to provide real-time, automated weed detection and precision spraying both on pre-emergence (“green-on-brown”) and post-emergence (“green-on-green”) fields.

The Smart Spraying Solution offers farmers a reliable field sprayer that provides optimum protection for crops, while being easy to operate and ready for immediate use. As the sprayer passes over a field, the system distinguishes crops from weeds and controls individual spray nozzles with pinpoint accuracy. This ensures herbicide is applied in the right dose and only where it is needed, improving resource efficiency, reducing environmental impacts and supporting sustainable farming.

The system also offers farmers actionable insights and digital tools such as customized agronomic recommendations, weed distribution and as-applied maps, automated sensitivity levels, and easy-to-use documentation that can be used for reporting purposes. With its connection to the xarvio FIELD MANAGER platform, the system helps farmers optimize their crop protection use, meeting future legal requirements and EU pesticide reduction targets.

Global field trials in various locations under different agronomic conditions have shown that the Smart Spraying Solution delivers a more efficient use of herbicide without compromising weed control. This supports sustainable farming and improves resource efficiency, while helping to reduce environmental impacts.

“By integrating the Smart Spraying Solution from Bosch BASF Smart Farming with our intelligent field sprayers, we want to offer farmers an innovative technology for optimal weed management in the future. Only as much herbicide as necessary and as little as possible needs to be sprayed – this pays off financially as well as ecologically. This confirms our commitment to be at the forefront of innovation in European agriculture,” says Nadine Dammann, Managing Director of Dammann GmbH.

The Smart Spraying Solution is expected to be delivered in the spring, and will be available initially in Germany and Hungary. Dammann’s first crop protection sprayer for practical use featuring the unique weed management system is also expected to be delivered in the same time frame.

“Introducing the Smart Spraying Solution to farmers in Germany and Hungary is an important achievement and step towards optimizing crop protection use. It also helps ensure future legal requirements and that EU pesticide reduction targets are met,” says Konstantin Kretschun, Co-Managing Director of Bosch BASF Smart Farming.

The Smart Spraying Solution represents a major advancement in precision agriculture and offers a unique approach to crop protection, combining the latest sensor and software technologies to provide farmers with reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions for their crop protection needs. By delivering efficiency and supporting sustainable farming, the Smart Spraying Solution is set to revolutionize the industry, helping farmers to optimize their use of herbicides and minimize their environmental impact, while still providing optimum protection for their crops.

Overall, the launch of the Smart Spraying Solution is a significant development for the agriculture industry, and represents a major step towards achieving sustainable farming practices. As the system becomes more widely available and adopted, it has the potential to revolutionize the way farmers manage their crops, reducing the amount of herbicides used, improving resource efficiency, and minimizing the environmental impact of agriculture.