Bombardier Level Crossing Technology Set to Increase Rail Security – Dec 16, 2013– Warsaw, Poland (Techreleased) – Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation has participated in the European Union funded railway industry partnership for integrated security of rail transport, PROTECTRAIL, as a consortium partner. As part of this, its EBI Gate 2000 level crossing system contributed to demonstrations of the latest state-of-the-art rail security solutions at the test track in Żmigród, Poland. The system is manufactured in Poland and integrated with an obstacle detector for the first time.

 BOMBARDIER EBI Gate 2000 solution
BOMBARDIER EBI Gate 2000 solution

The successful testing was the result of the collaboration between Bombardier’s site in Katowice and the global technology company Honeywell, which provided the radar scanner. When integrated, the EBI Gate 2000 system is able to receive information about an obstacle on the level crossing, which may impact the crossing or train operations, and send data to the PROTECTRAIL system. The information can then be used to alert crossing, station or train personnel. This successful testing also provides the foundation to develop a mechanism to inform the train driver about the need to brake.

The demonstration was attended by approximately 100 participants, including Andrzej Massel, former Under Secretary of State, Polish Ministry of Transport; Jerzy Wisniewski, Fundamental Values Director, UIC; representatives of the European Commission as well as project partners, railway stakeholders, transport authorities and rail police.

Slawomir Nalewajka, Head of Rail Control Solutions Poland, Bombardier Transportation, said: “As well as contributing to this important study, which will help meet customers’ growing expectations regarding security, these tests have provided valuable field experience in operating the integrated system. The increased functionality will further benefit the security and safety of our rail infrastructure.”

PROTECTRAIL is one of the largest integration projects for railway security at present. The consortium is composed of 29 companies working together since September 2010 to integrate existing security solutions in the rail environment to meet future security challenges. The objective is to develop a global framework, taking existing solutions, making them interoperable, and testing them in demonstrations with real-life scenarios.

As a leading consortium partner, Bombardier’s Network Solutions group is responsible for the global integration efforts of the 29 members to improve overall passenger security. In Poland, the consortium has demonstrated an effective common approach to reduce the engineering costs associated with integration while improving the overall situational awareness in security and operational control centres.