BMT Hi-Q Sigma

Mar 05, 2013– Marknesse, Netherlands  (Techreleased) – Working in collaboration with Nuclear Technologies, a division of TUV SUD Ltd, BMT Hi-Q Sigma Ltd (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, has been awarded a six million Euros framework contract by Fusion for Energy (F4E), to support the project management of pioneering research into a future, alternative energy source that could revolutionise the way in which we live.

F4E is responsible for providing Europe’s contribution to the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), the world’s largest scientific partnership, which aims to demonstrate fusion as a viable and sustainable source of energy.  ITER brings together seven parties that represent half of the world’s population – the EU, Russia, Japan, China, India, South Korea and the United States, in order to build the world’s largest experimental Tokamak nuclear fusion reactor at the Cadarache facility in the south of France.

Graham Jefferies at BMT Hi-Q Sigma comments: “This experiment aims to demonstrate that it is possible to produce commercial energy from fusion.  BMT has been selected for its experience in bringing clarity to complex projects, and playing a part in such an iconic venture is a fantastic achievement for the team.  We look forward to partnering with Nuclear Technologies.”

Graham continues: “Uniting the most advanced nations in the world in order to develop and provide a wide range of complicated technology components such as magnets, the vacuum vessel, power supplies and cryostat which are required to construct the ITER, requires intricate and robust project management.”

BMT will work closely with Nuclear Technologies throughout the four year framework to deliver Planning, Scheduling and Risk Management Support Services which will include best practice and optimisation techniques.