BenQ treVolo
BenQ treVolo

BenQ treVolo Bluetooth Speaker now Available in Stylish Silver – May 22, 2015– Costa Mesa, USA (Techreleased) –  BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider, today announced that the company is now shipping an elegant silver version of the award-winning treVolo Bluetooth speaker. Since its launch at the 2015 International CES, the one-of-a-kind portable audio product continues to make sound waves: sporting great looks and sophisticated electrostatic drivers that deliver spacious sound and crisp vocals for those who value studio quality from a Bluetooth-enabled device.


BenQ treVolo
BenQ treVolo

Recognized with a 2015 CES Innovations Honoree Award in the Home Theater Speaker category, the BenQ treVolo is engineered using electrostatic technology to provide a wider tonal balance which was previously only available on high-end, floor-standing speakers. Also honored with a 2015 TWICE Picks Award for Best of International CES, the wireless speaker sets a new standard for the way listeners experience portable audio by emitting sound forward and backward, while dual woofers, passive radiators, and a quad-amplified design optimize driver output for exceptional sonic performance. For its ingenious aesthetic design, the treVolo also received a 2015 iF Design Award.


Here’s what music lovers and audio experts are saying about treVolo:

“It was love at first sound (and sight)! The treVolo brings high-end clarity and sophisticated sound on the go.” – Lisa Loeb, Singer-Songwriter

“The best Bluetooth speaker that I have ever heard or seen.” – Don Blaine, The Gadget Professor

“Excellent clarity in the mids and highs. Rich, natural bass response.” – Will Greenwald, PC Mag

“So let me sum it all up for you. First of all, this little speaker sounds absolutely amazing.” – John Pozadzides,

Now available in a silver finish in addition to the original metallic black option, treVolo centers on a collapsible wing design to facilitate mobility while three preset audio profiles generate unique sound signatures for any type of music. With the “Pure” default mode, treVolo provides balanced tonal accuracy with minimal equalization to maintain a song’s natural composition. For a softer sound, “Warm” mode generates a more traditional Bluetooth speaker sound with emphasis on accurate bass reproduction. In “Vivid” mode, the device accentuates vocal melodies or lead instruments such as guitars, horns, or other layers within complex multitrack recordings — letting listeners customize their audio experience to accommodate any musical genre, recording technique, or audio source. treVolo also doubles as a speakerphone with noise-cancelling microphone, allowing users to make and take hands-free calls conveniently.

“treVolo’s launch has seen the speaker quickly make its way into the living rooms and travel bags of professional songwriters and audio critics,” said Jan Spence, AVP, Marketing Communications and Branding at BenQ America Corp. “Designed to deliver a premium audio experience, the electrostatic speaker creates a Bluetooth-enabled solution, lifting portable sound to an entirely new level of performance. treVolo’s numerous awards and strong reception from the audiophile community signal a shift within the personal audio space, as treVolo continues to redefine the way people experience wireless music.”

Now shipping in both black and silver finishes, the BenQ treVolo retails at $299 and is available for purchase directly at and at other online retailers such as Amazon.