BenQ Dust Proof

BenQ Creates Complete Solution For Education – Sep 12, 2017–Taipei, Taiwan (Techreleased) – BenQ, the global expert in display tools for education, has brought together two of its ground-breaking product lines to create a comprehensive display solution for the classroom.

BenQ Dust Proof

This complete education system combines the latest development in durable high-performance Dustproof Projectors with BenQ’s feature-rich 4K Interactive Flat Panels. This unique product blend perfectly positions BenQ to service the AV needs of the dynamic education technology market. The proof is in the products themselves. BenQ’s line of Dustproof Projectors come equipped with the company’s own IP5X-rated Dust GuardTM technology, blocking grit and grime while boosting durability and longevity, a plus for any classroom electronics

Dustproof for Longer Life

BenQ equips its interactive classroom projectors with Dust GuardTM technology, giving them the ability to last longer and avoid downtime while still delivering unmatched image quality and performance. Entries in Dustproof line come equipped with sealed engines, Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensor, hall sensors, and dust filters to prolong service and ultimately saving schools the trouble of cleaning, repairing, and preplacing dust-damaged AV equipment.

Every BenQ Dustproof projector integrates one or more enhancements designed to keep out dust, boost performance, and prolong operational life. Sealed engines offer complete protection for color wheels, DLP chips, and light path components, virtually eliminating the possibility of color wheel sensor failure, visible spotting on images, and color decay. The dust filters block particulate matter as small as 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) and 90 percent of all airborne dust particles. Hall sensors make projectors invulnerable to dust accumulation. The BenQ Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensor prevents dust accumulation, significantly lengthening the life of the device.

Two AV Approaches Create One Ultimate Education Solution

By bringing together their line of Dustproof Projectors and Interactive Flat panel displays, BenQ has created the perfect solution to service the specific needs of the education technology market. These project lines address the unique demands of the campus environment, protecting the health of faculty and students while also considering long-term technology investment made by these institutions.