Benefits of Mentorship in the Business Realm

While anyone who is employed by an organization should have the ability to perform their role and expected tasks, not everyone in every organization is up to speed to the point that they can handle everything by themselves. It’s important to realize that, even though someone seems capable of their role and duties, they may still have help and go to people for certain questions or issues within their organization. That is why when you find yourself in a new company or a new role, you should always immediately locate a few helpful people you can turn to for when you need assistance.

Benefits of Mentorship in the Business Realm

Have a Partner to Guide You

According to Forbes, one of the best reasons to have a mentor in the workplace is to have him or her on hand so that others can ask questions. Not only have those mentors walked in your shoes already, they’ve also been around the company for a decent while as well. This means if you don’t understand a company protocol, are confused about how to file a report, are unsure of the right contact to propose a new idea, then you’d still have someone to help you out who’s been through the battles already.

Throw in the fact that your mentor might also be in a higher place of the organization’s flow chart, and it means you could have someone who understands the bigger picture and how your role could help to fit into it. In other words, you will be doing your job better than your mentor did it when they had it once upon a time.

Get People Onboard Instantly

While it is nice to schedule annual reviews, quarterly meetings, and even monthly or weekly updates, the truth of a business decision is that sometimes it needs to happen on the fly and you just don’t have any time to wait. This is one of the main benefits of a video chat group by BlueJeans. Instead of pushing an important decision to the back burner and not focusing on it for a while as it slowly eats away at your patience, you can deal with it in only a few seconds by contacting your mentor with just the push of a button. Even if you aren’t going to solve the entire problem in just one day, you can have upper-level advice from someone whose opinion counts, and you don’t even need to wait for them to respond to an email in the process. Plus, by paying attention to their facial expression as you describe the situation, you may be able to have your answer before they even open their mouth in response.

Everyone is on the Same Path

According to Mentor City, one of the greatest benefits of having a mentor is being promoted more often. It doesn’t mean that you should just be looking to get promoted out of your current role, but rather you are that much more likely to find yourself excelling in your current role if you have someone who understands what you should be doing. Not only does having a mentor in your business position mean that they can tell you what to avoid and where to focus your time, but one of the biggest items they can do is help you to pivot when the company does as well. Someone who understands the needs of the company from a higher up point of view knows they need to use you as one of the company’s greatest assets and resources. That is why when you have the chance to listen to what a higher up is saying, you should pay attention. But when you have the chance to hear what your mentor is saying, there is a good chance you should follow their instructions to a T to align the company’s needs with your actions. It will help you to get ahead much more quickly, and it will also help the entire organization to get on the same page because important decisions and strategies can be transferred throughout the chain of command in no time at all.

While mentorship isn’t necessarily for everyone, the truth is that those who embrace it can get much farther ahead and be able to accomplish more in their current role as well. Just because you may or may not feel comfortable having a mentor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one either. As long as you can establish ground rules for when and how to communicate, then you should tap into them and their knowledge as often as possible to accomplish as much as you can with insider knowledge in your current role.