“Mr Bond, we’ve been expecting you,” says Blofeld, ushering you to sit down. But you’re already in action mode – you pull the ripcord on your Rolex, releasing a dart that flails towards the bald villain’s neck.

You’ve saved the day – and, just as you’re thinking of a witty pun, a Bond girl is waiting in the wings to sweep you off your feet.

google glassThen you wake up, your girlfriend staring at you like you’re insane.

You’ve watched too much Bond – it’s time to make a change.

Instead of thinking like the superspy, why not become him?

Even a short browse through the internet can reward you with thousands of great gadgets. We’ve whittled down those thousands and found you a few must-haves.

What did we dredge up?

Listen up

Have you ever seen two friends in the distance, chatting intensely, and wondered what they’re saying to each other? The problem could be far direr if you’re a spy – just imagine seeing two supervillains chattering in their lair, with no way of hearing their words.

Well, the solution is at hand. Listening bugs can be bought for a princely sum online, and they’re compact enough to hide almost anywhere.

You can even purchase bugs disguised as other objects, from lighters to pens. With high fidelity sound recording, you’ll be able to hear supervillains, creep in on spies or prove to your girlfriend that you did say to meet at half-eight, not nine.

Get glassed

Google might be best-known as a search engine provider, but it’s also on the cutting edge of wearable technology – especially with the Google Glass.

The Glass is essentially the most hi-tech pair of spectacles you’ll ever encounter. With a pair of these over your peepers, you’ll be able to record video in the blink of an eye, take pictures, Google locations on the fly and see the net integrated with reality in ways you never thought possible.

It’s enough to have Q seething in jealousy.

This tech does have its detractors. Some have claimed it could lead to even smaller attention spans, while others have voiced privacy concerns over the easy recording of documents. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, there’s no denying that it’s a smart piece of kit.

In sight of night

Do you stare into the dark of night and wonder what could be out there? What foxes foraging for berries, or spies searching for secrets are lurking outside of the moonlight?

Well, wonder no longer. With a pair of high-quality night-vision goggles, you’ll be able to see as far as you want into the dark.

And it’s a gadget in flux – boffins have been perfecting the technology to turn those black and white images into glistening technicolour. So, get a pair now.