Barco introduces reasonable led indoor display for advertising and retail – Mar 10, 2015– Kortrijk, Belgium (Techreleased) – Barco, the global leader of LED technology, organized a session to proudly introduce indoor LED display for advertising and retail, which is designed for fixed indoor installation in banking, fashion, v6i features, v4i features and automotive retail, that ensure Barco quality and its contrast.


The main motive of the Barco session, which it explained on 10 March 2015 was “ as everybody knows we are offering the best contrast and display for outdoor and indoor LED display with medium, high and low resolutions that include all types of applications in advertising and retail market”. Barco boost due to its high resolution, contrast and indoor and outdoor facility. Some features are listed here, which explains its importance.

Easy installation

V6i and v4i managed the V-series software applications same lie other V-series. Its interface allows to manage advanced options with color controls, display tools and back serviceability which automatically make it more special.

Good performance

If we are talking about Baro V-series performance, then it is correct to say its display supported image processor and its Athena scaler image quality and performance highlights design and its flexibility of the DV-100 that support its dual HD, SDI.

Reliable display

In running market, there is are extreme competition between companies, so these companies need to be confident in their services. Given the 24 hours of display and battery timing with original resolution, sound, LED display and reasonable price, all of these features make for a extreme and confidently offer same as Barco.

Image that sell

The purpose of advertising to retailers is to provide images that sell is totally as per according to those offered by Basra. It has reasonable display, network, connection, hardware, software, flexibility and professional services that make it different. Its sensor and media players support and install all its services. This is the international company (Barco) that develop and design the products and network in the market. Currently they deal with customer support, sales and marketing in APAC, and within 90 countries.