Barco Introduces Compact, Rugged F50 Projector for the Training & Simulation market – Nov 27, 2013– Kortrijk, Belgium (Techreleased) – Barco, a global leader in professional visualization solutions, is proud to present the new F50 projector for the Training & Simulation market. This compact, ruggedized projector brings increased brightness, higher resolution (WQXGA – 2560×1600) and high frame rates (120 Hz) to a wide range of use cases. Optimized for motion platform systems and warranted for 24/7 use, the F50 excels in reliability and versatility.

Barco F50 Projector
Barco F50 Projector

With the F50 projector, Barco is launching a ruggedized single chip DLP projector designed to meet the quality standards of the discerning customers in the training and simulation market. Its WQXGA (2560×1600) resolution ensures the clear display of the most highly detailed images, while the high frame rates (120 Hz @ 2560×1600 resolution) are ideal for displaying fast simulator content.

F50 Projector Features

Images at eye-limiting resolution

Featuring smear reduction technology, 3D Active Stereo, and the highest fill-factor any projector can offer, Barco’s F50 projector delivers smooth and razor-sharp images at eye-limiting resolutions. Furthermore, with its unmatched optical performance and wide focus depth, this projector is a perfect choice for complex, multi-channel projection on non-flat surfaces. The wide range of interchangeable high-performance all-glass lenses also delivers image sharpness and depth with high ANSI contrast.

Built for demanding applications

Compact, rugged, and equipped with advanced optical locking systems to ensure flawless image quality and stability, the F50 projector is designed for use on motion platform installations – including compact domes and cockpit simulators. On top of that, the F50 projector can be tailored to specific training and simulation applications through a selected range of options. Moreover, the total cost of ownership (TCO) has been reduced to a minimum, thanks to the unmatched reliability of the DLP technology and the extended service and maintenance intervals made possible by the use of sealed optics and a filter-free design.

Complementing Barco’s existing portfolio

“With the F50 projector, Barco further builds on its excellence in professional projection,” says Kristian Kolstad, Director of Product Management at Barco. “This is the first new projector for the training and simulation market after Barco joined forces with Norwegian visualization expert projectiondesign, and it combines the know-how of both companies. The result is a projector that is unique in image quality, reliability and versatility, and that perfectly complements Barco’s existing product portfolio for the training and simulation market.”

The F50 projector will be on display at Barco’s booth (#2535) at the I/ITSEC conference, 2-5 December, in Orlando, Florida.