Axiomtek rBOX120-2COM – Intel Atom Based Din-rail Fanless Embedded System – May 20, 2013– Taipei, Taiwan  (Techreleased) – Axiomtek rolls out its new DIN-rail fanless ruggedized embedded system supporting extra low power Intel® Atom™ processors Z510PT 1.1 GHz or Z520PT 1.33 GHz with Intel® US15WPT chipset, the rBOX120-2COM.  This fanless ready-to-run embedded platform is especially designed to support two wireless connections (3G/GPRS and WiFi) for more efficient networking options.  In addition, set out to fulfill different rugged application needs, this compact unit supports complete expandability and features, including wide temperature range (-40°C ~ +70°C), two isolated COM, three isolated GbE Ethernet, one isolated DIO, two USB 2.0 ports, fanless & cableless design, RTC battery function, two watchdog timers and many more. The compact rBOX120-2COM is a perfect embedded solution for industrial applications that are faced with increasing challenge such as power plant automation, facility monitoring systems, intelligent transportation systems and other harsh environments

Axiomtek rBOX120-2COM
Axiomtek rBOX120-2COM


Axiomtek rBOX120-2COM Details

“This rugged unit meets Safety Agency requirements and has passed heavy industrial EMI/EMS testing.  Its compact form factor and IP30 housing make it to reliably operate in any space-limited and outdoor environment,” said Maxine Hsieh, Product Manager of Product & Marketing Division at Axiomtek.  “In addition, the user-friendly cableless design inside case and easy accessible I/O cabling are convenient for wiring and maintenance unlike eBOX623-831-FL ultra low-power fanless embedded system.  Two power paths with terminal block in 12 – 48 VDC minimize the risk of data loss in the event of a single power failure.  The rBOX120-2COM is absolutely ideal for intelligent computing and communication solution in critical environments”

Isolated Port Design
To prevent ESD and over-voltage, this compact-size unit is equipped with one isolated DIO ports, two isolated RS-232/422/485 ports and three isolated 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports for offering magnetic isolation protection.

Wireless Connection
To support two wireless (3G/GPRS and WiFi) connection for more efficient networking, the rBOX120-2COM has made available two Mini Card slot and one easy-to-access SIM card socket on top side allowing convenience maintenance and fast installation.

Industrial-grade Design
This compact system adopts an IP30-rated aluminum and steel enclosure.  Its significant anti-vibration design can endure up to 5g (with CF & SSD) and anti-shock design can endure up to 50g (half-sine shock pulse; storage/ transport).  To work in harsh environments which resembles with  Axiomtek Mini ITX motherboard , it is specifically designed to be operating in extremes of temperature ranging from -40°C ~ +70°C.

Safety & EMI/EMS Compliance
The rBOX120-2COM meets Safety Agency requirements and has passed heavy industrial CE with FCC Part 18 testing, besides, also pre-test ok EN50121-4 for airway application to provide high operational reliability and stability.

 RTC (Real Time Clock) Battery
The RTC battery (battery onboard & gold-capacity onboard) provides power for the internal real time clock & calendar and is ideally suited to vibration environment.  In addition, the gold-capacity onboard would be 1st backup battery without consuming battery onboard when power shut-down which reduces maintenance efforts.

Intelligent AXView & SNMP V1/V2c
rBOX120-2COM comes with AXView software package for quick and easy startup, and has two Watchdog Timers for twice the security. Based on SNMP protocols, AXView makes it easy for system administrators to manage and monitor remote computers. Based on SNMP protocols, intelligent AXView makes it easy for system administrators to manage and monitor remote computers.

Axiomtek’s extreme low-powerrBOX120-2COM with isolated COM/GbE LAN/DIO ports will be available in the end of June, 2013.  For more product information or pricing, please visit us at or contact one of our sales representatives at [email protected].

Axiomtek rBOX120-2COM Features

  • Extra low power Intel® Atom™ processors Z510PT 1.1 GHz/ Z520PT 1.33 GHz with Intel® US15WPT chipset
  • Wide operating temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C (industrial-grade)
  • Supports two COM ports, three 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet port and one DIO (8-IN/8-OUT)with magnetic isolation protection
  • Supports intelligent AXView monitoring software package and SNMP V1/V2c
  • Supports two power paths and 12 – 48VDC power input with terminal block
  • Two watchdog timer
  • RTC (Real Time Clock) battery: Battery onboard and Gold-capacity onboard
  • Din-rail and wall mount
  • Supports two PCIe Mini Card slot and one easy-to-access SIM card socket for two wireless connection (3G/GPRS & WiFi)
  •  Supports one 2.5” SATA SSD (or HDD) drive bay, one easy-to-access CompactFlash™ and one SD card up to 32 GB (optional)