Atari and Zynga Launch Super Bunny Breakout For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Atari and Zynga Launch Super Bunny Breakout For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Atari and Zynga Launch Super Bunny Breakout For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Atari and Zynga Launch Super Bunny Breakout For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Oct 11, 2012– Los Angeles,USA (Techreleased) –Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and developers of interactive entertainment, and Zynga , the world’s leading provider of social game services, today announced the launch of Super Bunny Breakout™ on the App Store. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Super Bunny Breakout is the latest and furriest experience of the Breakout® franchise, where players control Rodney the bunny on a quest to help rescue other cute critters from cages at the nefarious Evil Animal Testing (E.A.T.) Labs. In this new take on the retro arcade classic, players will meet a colorful cast of characters and enjoy physics-based, Breakout-style gameplay. Super Bunny Breakout is available now for $0.99 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, along with a free demo version called Super Bunny Breakout Free. Download Super Bunny Breakout at , and Super Bunny Breakout Free at


In Super Bunny Breakout, players control Rodney—a daredevil rabbit with an appetite for revenge—launching him from a laboratory platform as he bounces around to destroy different structures and cages. Players can either collect or purchase coins via in-app purchase to feed critters and restore energy. Coins can also be used to purchase additional power-ups, food and cosmetic goods.

Super Bunny Breakout features include:

  • Infiltrate E.A.T. Labs in order to break the cages and free all your imprisoned buddies.
  • Unlock five handsome playable characters each with their own special super attacks.
  • Unleash unique power-up abilities for each Super Critter including Time Warp, Anti-Gravity abilities and more!
  • Play through 40+ physics-based levels to challenge your brick-breaking, critter-rescuing abilities.
  • Show your friends who’s the bunny boss with Game Center integration for score leaderboards and achievements.

“Atari is a legendary innovator of video gaming and we are proud to partner with a company that has such a strong legacy in the industry,” said Ben Jones, Vice President of Mobile Publishing at Zynga. “Zynga is committed to partnering with companies that produce high-quality titles to bring more games in more genres to its global network of players.”

Super Bunny Breakout is a fresh take on the iconic Breakout franchise, adding all new features, game play and a humorous cast of characters,” said Jim Wilson CEO of Atari. “Our partnership with Zynga provides a platform to create visibility for the game and the Atari brand overall.”

The Zynga Partners for Mobile Program is designed to help third-party partners of all sizes launch, promote, scale and grow their games and business.

The game was developed by Brooklyn based Curious Brain, the talent behind popular character-driven games based upon the Power Rangers, Angelina Ballerina and Paul Frank franchises.

Super Bunny Breakout is available for $0.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at Download Super Bunny Breakout Free at

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