ASUS Launches AMD B450 Series Motherboards – Aug 01, 2018 – Fremont, California (Techreleased) – AMD’s Ryzen™ platform offers an incredible desktop compute experience with multithreaded horsepower plus accessible overclocking and gaming prowess. Earlier this year AMD launched the second-generation Ryzen family with the updated X470 chipset designed to further enhance the performance of higher-end gaming and content creation rigs. And now AMD is launching the B450 chipset for a new generation of affordable motherboards.

Despite differences within the series, our B450 family is bound together by common features and capabilities honed over nearly 30 years of making motherboards. From intelligent tuning to cooling to personalization, ASUS has designed these new motherboards to help you maximize your PC’s potential.

Raise Your Game With ROG Strix

ROG is the original gaming motherboard brand, with roots that go back more than a decade to the very first Crosshair, which was also built for AMD processors. For our latest generation, the ROG Strix X470-I Gaming and Strix X470-F Gaming bring the enhanced features and functionality you’d expect to both mini-ITX and full-size ATX form factors. Both wear predominantly blacked-out designs inscribed with cyber-text patterns that match other recent ROG hardware.

While the ROG Strix B450-I Gaming has the right ingredients for small integrated graphics builds, it can also run with the big dogs—and even surpass them in some areas. The two-DIMM setup combines with exclusive ASUS DRAM OC Profiles to drive memory up to DDR4-3600 or beyond.

It’s Prime Time for a Ryzen Upgrade

Prime stands apart from gaming-oriented designs with more understated styling suitable for those seeking to apply Ryzen’s considerable horsepower to content creation and everyday productivity. The geometric aesthetic channels architectural inspirations to create a retro-modern look that invites closer inspection without calling undue attention.

The Prime B450-Plus marries a businesslike demeanor with enthusiast sensibilities. It’s well-equipped with pretty much everything for your next build including a wide range of connectivity options, Fan Xpert 4 Core, 5X Protection III safeguards, premium 8-Channel HD audio and Aura Sync lighting.

With less real estate and entry-level affordability, the micro-ATX Prime B450M-A and B450M-K are more minimalist, yet still designed for a wide variety of users. They scale back on connectivity options, but still retain core ASUS features like Fan Expert, 5X Protection III and DIGI+ VRM circuitry that delivers reliable power, and overvoltage protection that guards against damage from spikes.