ASUS CUBE With Google TV Launched – Apr 29, 2013– Fremont, USA  (Techreleased) – ASUS announced today the launch of the highly anticipated ASUS CUBE with Google TV. Powered by the latest version of Google TV, users can stream the best in on-line content from the internet, watch live TV, play games, access the latest apps, or surf the internet with Chrome. With built-in microphone on the remote, ASUS CUBE with Google TV supports Voice Search out of the box, for quick and easy access to your entertainment. Along with 50GB of WebStorage and 2 USB ports, ASUS CUBE with Google TV can also playback your favorite home movies, your family and friends’ latest videos and much more.

ASUS CUBE with Google TV
ASUS CUBE with Google TV

ASUS CUBE with Google TV – Bring the world of entertainment to your TV
Easily find and access all your apps with specially designed ASUS CUBE user interface. Organize and sort your apps into categories such as TV & Movies, Games, Sports, Music, News, and Favorites. With access to over 100,000 movies and TV episodes from Netflix®, YouTube plus numerous applications, videos, music and games from Google Play, ASUS CUBE with Google TV is your best choice for viewing media content.

PrimeTime for Google TV makes it even easier to find your favorite media content and browse for something new while you watch TV. Watching your favorite programs on live TV, or streaming the latest shows and movies has never been easier. Even when you don’t know what to view get recommendations from PrimeTime without scrolling through hundreds of channels or changing the input on your TV.

* Works with your existing cable or satellite TV service without switching inputs
* Quick Guide lets you browse while watching TV or streaming from any app
* Find your favorite episodes whether it’s live or on-demand, on your TV or on the web
* Filters make it easy to find free/paid, on now/soon, and HD/SD content
* Add your favorite channels and shows and save movies to your movie queue
* Provides real-time personalized recommendations as you watch and rate content
* Includes movies and shows from Google Play, Netflix, YouTube, and others

Full control with touch or your voice
The dual-sided universal remote has a directional pad for cursor control on one side and on the other a QWERTY keyboard for searches, social media updates or emailing friends and family. With the built-in microphone and all-new Voice Search, just say what you want to find for movies, TV shows, TV channels or even finding your favorite application or website. The advanced remote control features a 3-Axis motion sensor for gaming and other applications.

With the latest YouTube app, you can quickly pair your Android or Apple tablet or smartphone with the ASUS CUBE to send YouTube videos from your device to your TV. You can even turn a supported smartphone or tablet into a remote control device with the free Media Remote app at Google Play.