ASUS Claims World First USB 3.0 Certification for 8 Series Motherboards – Jul 19, 2013– Taipei, Taiwan  (Techreleased) – ASUS today announced that the TUFGryphon Z87, H87-Plus and B85-Plus motherboardsfor4th generationIntel® Core™ processorsare the first to have received USB3.0 SuperSpeed certification.USB 3.0 certificationis vital to ensure compatibilitywith new SuperSpeed-ready devices.As of today,only ASUS can offer consumersthat assurance for motherboards based on Intel 8 Serieschipsets.

TUFGryphon Z87
TUFGryphon Z87

“We are very proud that ASUS 8 Series motherboards are the first and only ones to pass such rigorous tests for USB 3.0 compatibility,”said JoeHsieh, ASUS Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Motherboard and Desktop System Business Unit. “USB 3.0 certification means ASUS motherboards based on the Intel 8 Series chipsets offer customers the best performance, compatibility and reliability for next-generation SuperSpeed devices.”

Tough tests, top quality

For a motherboard to receive USB 3.0 certification, it must pass more than 190 exacting tests set by the USB Implementers Forum, including signal-quality checks, stress tests and sustained transmission speed.The full SuperSpeed data-transfer rate is up to 5Gbit/s – 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

SuperSpeed-approved motherboards must also demonstrate wide compatibility with existing USB devices by working perfectly with 39different products and device types, including printers, USB drives,video cameras, mice and headsets.

Motherboards with more

The ASUS TUFGryphon Z87, H87-Plus and B85-Plus continue the ASUS tradition of innovationin all areas. The TUF Gryphon Z87 is a ‘military-grade’ micro-ATX motherboard built for the toughest environments. TUF (The Ultimate Force) includes technologies such as Thermal Radar 2 for system-wide cooling with customizablefan controls, along with premium components that include ultra-durable alloychokes, 10Kblackmetallic capacitors and MOSFETs.

Both theH87-Plusand B85-PlusATX motherboards boast ASUS 5X Protection technology to safeguard sensitive components from short-circuits, electrical surges andsimilar risks. ASUS 5XProtection includes ASUS DIGI+ VRM (voltage-regulator module) technology toensure a smooth power delivery to the processor, overcurrent protection toprevent short circuits damagingsystem andthe RAMto enhancesystem safety and lifespan,electrostatic-discharge (ESD) guards, 5Ksolidstatecapacitors andstainlesssteelback I/O for the very best reliability and durability.