ASUS Announces GTX 780 Ti Graphics Card – Nov 08, 2013– Taipei, Taiwan (Techreleased) – ASUS today announced GTX 780 Ti, a graphics card powered by the brand-new GeForce® GTX 780 Ti graphics-processing unit (GPU) and boosted by exclusive GPU Tweak technology.


The GeForce GTX 780 Ti GPU is powered by 25% more CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) cores and benefits from a boosted clock speed of 928MHz — both significant increases on its predecessor that enable ASUS GTX 780 Ti to deliver superb gaming performance.

Exclusive technology for exclusive performance from GTX 780 Ti

GTX 780 Ti includes the GPU Tweak utility that’s exclusive to ASUS graphics cards. This easy-to-use tool hands users a variety of unique controls that enable them to squeeze the very best performance from GTX 780 Ti. These include the ability to control finely GPU and video-memory clock speeds and voltages, cooling-fan speeds and power-consumption thresholds in real time — so overclocking is both easy and can be carried out with high confidence.

As well, the GPU Tweak Streaming tool lets users share on-screen action over the internet in real time — so others can watch live as games are played. It’s even possible to add a title to the streaming window along with scrolling text, pictures and webcam images.

Latest innovations for faster, smoother and sharper graphics

ASUS GTX 780 Ti includes the latest innovations to deliver faster, smoother and sharper graphics for the best gaming experience.

NVIDIA® GPU Boost 2.0 cranks up the GTX 780 Ti’s clock speed while allowing full control over the power and temperature — delivering faster visuals for a better gaming experience.

GTX 780 Ti also benefits from NVIDIA PhysX® and for more accurate simulation of real-world physical interactions and NVIDIA TXAA™ temporal anti-aliasing technology, a Hollywood-style special effect that results in smoother and sharper graphics. The new card also comes with GeForce ShadowPlay, a recording utility that lets users capture their proudest gaming achievements — all the way up to Ultra High Definition (UHD/4K) resolutions.

Loaded with memory, ramped up for the best detail and primed for breadth

ASUS GTX 780 Ti is loaded with 3GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory allows gamers to maximize their enjoyment, while support for the latest DirectX 11.2 standard enables on-GPU tessellation allowing more and incredibly detailed geometry to be packed into game scenes — characters come to life with detail levels that rival blockbuster movies.

With NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround technology built in, ASUS GTX 780 Ti supports multiple displays, so gamers can generate a breathtaking view of the game world across three screens — all while using a fourth display for other tasks, such as chat or web browsing.