A&P Group Cements Interest In Renewables With MPI Adventure –Apr 25, 2016– Detroit, USA (Techreleased) – A&P Group’s Tyne yard has secured the maintenance and repair contract for one of the world’s most advanced wind turbine installation vessels, marking its continued push into the renewables sector.

MPI AdventureThe MPI Adventure, owned by Teeside-based MPI Offshore, docked at A&P Group’s Hebburn yard in March ahead of a two-week programme of works.

Described as one of the most advanced and efficient wind turbine installation vessels in the world, it is designed to transport, lift and install wind turbines and their foundations.

The 20,000 tonne vessel will now undergo specialist repair by A&P Group’s 150-strong team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, before it returns to service.

Works will include inspection and repair of three Azimuth thrusters and three Tunnel thrusters, installation of new log and echo sound transducers, a new main SW isolation valve and the fabrication and fitting of internal access ladders and platforms to allow fuel oil tanks to be viewed.

Ash Sinha, Group Business Development Director at A&P Group said: “The UK’s offshore renewable energy sector is world-leading and A&P Group has the facilities and skilled workforce to really capitalise on that.  Our work on this vessel gives us the perfect opportunity to establish A&P Group as a key player in the offshore renewables industry.

“The MPI Adventure’s arrival made for quite a spectacle as it came up the Tyne and it’s now towering over the yard.  It’s certainly one of the most high profile and imposing vessels we’ve ever had here.  The focus now is on ensuring we complete the work on time and to budget.”

A&P Group operates seven dry docks across three strategic locations in the UK and has a business in Australia that provides ship repair services and support to the Royal Australian Navy. All facilities combine a rich heritage of marine engineering skills and experience, providing ship owners and energy companies with all the precision skills needed to complete the most demanding projects.