Technological advances in recent years have revolutionized the way digital content and media are being consumed globally. Where videos, for example, were once traditionally broadcast, they’re now being streamed on demand around the world thanks to cloud-based service providers expanding ever-outward into more and more countries. Social media content has also become accessible over a multitude of devices and has been co-opted for both personal, political, and revenue-building objectives. In the case of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in particular, they have become essential global marketing and outreach tools for businesses large and small.


When these cloud-based service providers want to reach clientele in other countries, and provide them with access to much-sought-after applications, they need to be sure that the IT infrastructure put in place locally will be agile and powerful enough to fulfill growing demands. In most cases, this means exporting existing technologies through a re-seller. As a technology re-seller, it is your responsibility to ensure the safe, timely delivery of your equipment and to make surethat it reaches its destination on schedule without procuring unforeseen additional costs. Because the majority of countries treat these types of dual-use goods with special caution, you will likely be required to prepare a great deal of supporting documentation such as permits licenses and other certifications and approvals. It can be a complex process when one is unfamiliar with the foreign country’s rules and regulations.

Furthermore, because your local client retains ownership or the goods are send free of charge, there is no customer or local entity to act as consignee upon arrival; for this type of transaction many countries make it mandatory to use an Importer of Record. This Importer must have a point of presence in the country you’re shipping to and take legal responsibility for the technology once it crosses the border.

Several companies offer these types of global distribution solutions, including the ability to act as the Importer of Record in over 120 countries, as well as helping you to secure refunds on taxes and tariffs such as the VAT tax. At TecEx — one of many such companies — they offer a suite of tools to alleviate major pain-points throughout the transaction process by applying for any necessary permits and ensuring that all documents called for by customs are precise and correct, which may include but are not limited to commercial invoices, waybills, and certifications. The method the company uses to clear shipments will also allow for an import tax recovery from the countries where such a refund is available.

They have consistently secured the best lead times for the re-sellers they’ve partnered with, taking customer satisfaction to another level through their highly sophisticated online portal; allowing you to track your shipment in real-time. You’ll additionally have an on-the-ground team able to assist you by liaising with your freight service or forwarder, ensuring your valuable assets reach your high-profile clients.

When the goods you’re shipping can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, when your clients and their customers are relying on it for the success of their various enterprises, it pays to work with a specialist in imports. Not only will they guarantee the compliant clearance of your equipment, they’ll allow you to rest assured, knowing your property is in capable hands.