ALCATEL ONETOUCH unveils the HERO 2 – Sep 08, 2014– Berlin, Germany (Techreleased) – ALCATEL ONETOUCH introduces the HERO 2 smartphone, the newest arrival to the HERO family to revolutionize digital creativity. Equipped with an LTE octa-core processor, this powerful device also acts as a hub for an array of companion devices, allowing users to express their creativity with ease.


The svelte HERO 2, at 175g, is one of the lightest 6-inch smartphones on the market, its slim, stylish aluminium body fitting ergonomically in users’ hands, with every detail crafted to provide a pleasing in-hand experience.

The perfect compromise between a standard smartphone and a tablet, the HERO 2’s Full-HD screen features true-to-life colours, with the display filling 90 percent of the surface. This edge-to-edge display presents optimal viewing for work or play. What’s more, the phone offers ample power for users’ multimedia needs, boasting a generous 3100 mAh battery.

Let your imagination take control

“At ALCATEL ONETOUCH, we see the demand for large-display devices,” said Dan Dery, ALCATEL ONETOUCH Chief Marketing Officer. “HERO 2 answers this call and in addition, it’s the perfect device for work and play, with multiple tools to express user creativity.”

Gesture control. Handwriting recognition. Camera live filters. Everything you need to unleash your creativity. Thanks to HERO 2’s innovative features, you are at the helm of your own mobile studio.

Tools for work and play

The HERO 2 comes with a stylus which transforms the phone into a creative enterprise tool letting you create memos, professional sketches and even do Fast Math. With optimized hand writing recognition, the HERO 2 enables desktop like functionality to create and edit office documents on the go.

The HERO 2 also allows users to mix tracks, sample and add sound effects, all with a flick of a finger thanks to the first professional companion flip cover: MagicFlip DJ, a mini DJ mix panel which allows you to mix your own tracks on the go. And Hi-Fi sound ensures that mixes sound crystal clear.


For the all-important camera, whether it’s for work or for fun, it’s difficult to shoot a decent movie while walking. Photo and video stabilization technologies also allow you to capture DSLR-like pictures, and shoot shake-free footage. And don’t forget about the stunning effects you can create with the built-in filters.

HERO 2: the centre of a smart ecosystem built to users’ needs

With a host of companion devices, HERO 2 adapts to every need. It is the centre of an ecosystem of creative connected devices that users can carry, put on their desk or connect to their TV. An array of MagicFlip covers provide customised capabilities: MagicFlip DJ for music, MagicFlip LED lights up with information about missed calls, alerts or the time.

With the compact companion device Sidekick 2, users can remotely control TV, music and more. It also acts as an extension to users’ phones, allowing them to access messages, contact lists and more. The portable E-Card allows users to read notes, maps, e-books with the comfort of paper. The SmartBook functions as a smartphone in laptop form, while TVLink connects the HERO 2 to larger screens wirelessly.

With these features, accessories and companion devices, ALCATEL ONETOUCH ensures a truly versatile experience through connectivity to multiple screens. Everyone can invent their own personalized HERO 2, and unleash their unique creativity.


The HERO 2 will be available on the market in September 2014.