Airport Show-2013 showcases futuristic technology  revolutionising the air travel experience – May 08, 2013– Detroit, USA  (Techreleased) – The Airport Passenger Experience (APE),  an airport terminal-format zone offering a ‘touch and feel’ of the  airport of the future, is the centre of attraction at the 13th Airport Show running at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre until May 8.

H.H.Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum speaking at the inaugural GALF
H.H.Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum speaking at the inaugural GALF

Visitors were awe-struck by the amazing futuristic technologies and products showcased at the APE by 23 participating companies engaged in bringing to our fast-paced and mobile life innovative technologies, solutions and products that will ease the journey of millions of people travelling through the airports across the world in the coming years.

The technologies and services displayed at the show include communication systems, Internet and mobile connectivity, Passenger and baggage handling, Passenger and baggage scanning, Passenger guidance, Passenger information, Passport scanning, biometrics and IRIS, Promotional displays, Seating and VIP lounges, Surveillance and access control systems, Terminal signage and Ticketing, reservation and check in.

The most revolutionary technology showcased at the aviation industry’s not-to-be-missed B2B event for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, is AOptix InSight, the iris recognition eGate system

Developed by AOptix Technologies, a world leader in the commercial development of biometrics-based identity solutions, the futuristic solution has been transforming passengers’ experiences at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, as well as other airports in the world.

“With the ever increasing number of air travelers and growing requirements of safety and security of passengers, the need of an enhanced security solution was in demand for quite some time. It has been received well since we offered the solution,” said Sarfraz Ahmed, Technical Support Engineer, Identity Solutions, AOptix Technologies.

The live demonstration provided by Dubai immigration officials available at the show has hundreds of visitors lining up the stand. So far, the technology has been adapted to provide the facility to Emirates Airline passengers at the dedicated Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport.

The passengers need to spend a few minutes to register themselves for the first time, which will ensure smooth passage through immigration counters in future as passengers can use their passports instead of the eGate cards used presently.

The technology has also been adapted by Abu Dhabi International Airport, Doha International Airport in Qatar and the Gatwick Airport, UK. The upcoming Hamad International Airport in Qatar will also have this facility installed.

“Iris biometrics is not new for the region as it has been in the use for almost a decade. But this particular device is gaining fast recognition due to its unique features which provide enhanced security solution besides saving time and energy,” said Ahmed.

He expressed confidence that adaptation of this technology will provide a streamlined process that can handle greater number of travelers, increase security and diminish overhead expenses. Travelers will see shorter queues and less complicated tasks.

According to experts, an enhanced passenger experience will become an increasingly important differentiator in an airport’s competitive position in the global economy. Providing passengers with choices and information, and making the process as hassle-free as possible, will increase customer satisfaction and maximize the use of airport resources.

Thus, visitors have been also evaluating other futuristic technology and solutions for various services from baggage handling and scanning systems to duty free and the gate lounge.

Vaculex, a Swedish company, has introduced state-of-the-art baggage-handling technology, which will reduce the manpower requirement. The lifting equipment, based on vacuum, provides solution to move baggage from 0-200kg.

Dale Hetherington, Key Account Manager, said that the technology has been welcomed all over the world and already in use at over 70 airports, including Heathrow and Frankfurt, where ageing population has posed difficulty in hiring workers for such jobs.

Since travellers are increasingly seeking an airport journey that is individualised to their needs and tailored to their trip, the need of self-service machines are also increasing. This has led to introduction of self-check-in machines as well.

“Limited space and growing number of passengers has also contributed to the increasing demand of self check in machines. However, a number of passengers were apprehensive to use the service due to the traditional luggage label,” said Borry Vrieling, managing director of Varilabel.

“The revolutionary luggage label has provided peace of mind to passengers as no false sticking is possible while using this bag tag which will make the difference in making the self-service bag drop a real success,” he added.

Smiths Detection has launched a dual-energy X-ray line scanner with full 3D volumetric Computed Tomography (CT) imaging and reconstruction, the HI-SCAN 10080 XCT is the next generation checked baggage explosives detection system (EDS) from Smiths Detection.

DTP, an aviation specialized company providing a broad portfolio of services designed to support and improve the travelers experiences, is also showcasing the latest technology and solution.

“We have introduced a Cloud-based technology that provides an economical end-to-end solution for airport operators who are looking for a flexible Airport Operation management system with no upfront investment and hassle-free set up,” said Hilal Mikati, System Integration Architect at DTP.

Also attracting the visitors’ attention is the Tensator Virtual Assistant, deployed at the Dubai International airport, which creates the illusion of a real person acting as an interactive informational and instructional tool. With the latest addition of the Tensator Virtual Assistant range, it presents endless instructional and promotional possibilities.