Airbus Welcomes Final Report By The BEA On Air France Flight AF 447
Airbus Welcomes Final Report By The BEA On Air France Flight AF 447

July 05, 2012 – Blagnac, France  (Techreleased) – Airbus welcomes the issuance of the Final Report by the French Investigation Authority Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA) today on the tragic loss of Air France flight AF 447 Rio-Paris on 1st June 2009. In support of the BEA investigation and together with Air France, Airbus has contributed from day one with full dedication to the technical investigation.

The parties have spared no effort to seek a full understanding of this tragic event, driven by the collective goal of continuous improvement in aviation safety and their dedication to applying lessons learnt across the aviation industry for the benefit of the flying public and in respect of the victims and their families.

‪The publication of the BEA’s final report now provides the opportunity to further work on the lessons learned from this tragedy and measures to be applied to avoid the recurrence of such an accident. Without waiting for this final report, Airbus has already started working at industry level to further reinforce the robustness of pitot probes requirements and actively supports related activities.

‪Airbus will examine the report now in full detail and seize upon every measure possible to contribute to the collective efforts toward further improving aviation safety.

‪Airbus expresses its sympathy to all those who have lost family, friends or loved ones in this tragic accident.