Agfa HealthCare introduces new table-top digital radiography system – Sep 16, 2013– Mortsel, Belgium (Techreleased) – Compact, affordable, versatile, CR 12-X solution provides transition to digital for private practices and clinics – High image quality at a range of throughputs up to 60 plates per hour, via user-controllable speed and resolution – Easy to install and maintain, with networking capabilities that provide seamless integration

Agfa CR 12-X System
Agfa CR 12-X System

Agfa HealthCare announces today the North American launch of the CR 12-X, a table-top computed radiography (CR) digitizer with a modular yet robust design, combining affordability with high image quality. This versatile solution is fitting for general radiography, orthopaedic, and chiropractic practices, including those needing Full Leg/Full Spine application. With adjustable speed and a user-tuned workflow, the CR 12-X best meets the needs of each particular facility.

Affordable, compact path to digital radiography
“With the CR 12-X , Agfa HealthCare takes a step up in our table-top systems, providing enhancements while maintaining cost-effectiveness for smaller practices,” said Greg Cefalo, Imaging Business Unit Manager, U.S., Agfa HealthCare. “With the benefits of high image quality and high throughput, combined with the compact size and ease of-installation and maintenance, the Agfa HealthCare CR 12-X is an ideal system for any practice or clinic seeking to transition from analog to digital imaging.”

Customer-chosen optimal workflow
The compact, table-top CR 12-X system has a single slot for 14×17 inch (35 x 43 cm) cassettes. It can be easily placed at most any location, and is suited for mobile applications. With the CR 12-X, the user can choose to adjust speed and resolution depending on the needs of the exam. Technologists can easily overwrite the default settings for each exam, depending on the specific speed/quality priorities, study by study.

Excellent image quality and versatility
The digitizer bridges the gap of multiple size cassettes and works in conjunction with Agfa HealthCare’s NX workstation for a highly efficient and optimized, yet customizable, imaging workflow. With auto-processing capabilities in the NX software, the image identification and quality control tool, images are automatically cropped if a smaller image is captured using a larger cassette. This removes additional steps for the technologist to prepare images for the radiologist.

Agfa HealthCare’s gold-standard MUSICA software is included in the implementation of CR 12-X, which automatically handles all image processing, independently of body part and dose, optimizing the final image quality without the need for any human intervention or special training.

The CR 12-X is fully DICOM-compliant to easily integrate with other solution elements.