If you use your Mac regularly then odds are you never want to find yourself hard up for storage space. Unfortunately it is almost inevitable that slowly but surely your hard drive will start to fill up – and the trick that you need to know is how to free up space on your Mac when you need it.


Frankly speaking there isn’t really just one ‘trick’, but rather several that you can use to free up space on your Mac:

  • Delete unnecessary files from your Mac

Over time there are bound to be a lot of unnecessary files that have accumulated on your Mac, ranging from junk files such as old cache and logs to unused applications, localizations, and so on. If possible you will want to remove all of these on a regular basis, since they aren’t really needed in the first place.

  • Use Apple’s built-in storage optimization tools

In recent versions of OS X there is a nice little set of tools that lets you automatically optimize your storage in various ways. To access it click on the Apple logo then select ‘About this Mac’ and then ‘Storage’. Once there you can choose to store your documents on iCloud, automatically remove iTunes content that you’ve watched, empty the trash bin automatically, and reduce clutter by reviewing and removing unnecessary documents.

  • Look out for duplicate iPhoto libraries

For long term iPhoto users in particular, duplicate iPhoto libraries may often appear and essentially take up twice the space. It might be worth going over your iPhoto libraries at least once to make sure there are no duplicates – especially if you migrated from the old version of iPhoto to the new one recently.

  • Take advantage of external or cloud storage

As a final option if you really are hard up for space you could migrate some of your files that aren’t used that often to the cloud – or to an external hard drive. In particular you may want to store and old photos and videos in this manner, so that they don’t eat up space on your Mac itself.

Between all those tips you should be able to free up quite a bit of space on your Mac, and Movavi Mac Cleaner will certainly help in that regard. It will let you clean out all the junk from your Mac with just a single click, which should in itself free up a chunk of space.

In addition to that you can learn how to check disk space on Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner, as well as remove any unwanted apps and leftovers from apps that you may have removed in the past. It even includes its very own ‘Shredder’ to delete sensitive or confidential files securely, along with an antivirus and firewall to protect your Mac from threats that could adversely affect it.

Suffice to say with these tools as well as the tips above, you should be able to make sure that you’re able to free up as much space as possible on your Mac. Just give Movavi Mac Cleaner a go and you’ll see how easy it makes it to clean the junk from your Mac – and you may be surprised to find out just how much free space available by the time you’re done.