30 year performance warranty on Centrosolar glass-glass modules – Aug 27, 2013– Hamburg, Germany  (Techreleased) – Solar modules with glass sheets on the front and back sides have an almost unlimited service life. This was the result of a long-term climate chamber test in which Centrosolar glass-foil modules were compared with glass composite modules. With conventional modules, performance decreased after 30 years at the latest because the foil had been damaged. Glass-glass modules, on the other hand, remained completely intact even after a simulated 40 years of use. They remained undamaged even when exposed to extreme temperatures, heavy humidity and moisture. Centrosolar plans to conduct further tests to determine the point at which environmental conditions begin to affect glass-glass modules.

S-Class Vision modules
S-Class Vision modules

Based on these excellent test results, Centrosolar now offers a performance warranty of 30 years which guarantees a performance of at least 87 per cent for S-Class Vision glass-glass modules. At 20 years, the product warranty is twice as long as those offered for comparable glass-foil modules. Thanks to their long service life, glass-glass modules yield 25 percent more power than standard modules. “Glass-glass modules are set to replace glass-foil modules in the long term. Glass-glass modules are particularly well suited for consumers who use power from their own solar installations. Thanks to the long service life of these modules, consumers can save on decades worth of power from energy providers,” says Dr Axel Müller-Groeling, member of the Centrosolar Management Board.

Following the debut of the S-Class Vision series at Intersolar, Centrosolar has expanded the range, which now includes four glass composite modules. The new modules make use of the next generation of glass technology. The glass sheets on the front and back sides are only two millimetres thick. This makes the new modules lighter than any previous glass-glass modules.

The S-Class Vision modules are available in different versions: with a black or silver frame and with transparent or black back side glass. The capacity ranges from 235 Wp to 265 Wp. There are modules for in-roof and on-roof installation and modules can be mounted in an upright or horizontal position. Modules with black frames and black back side glass are particularly elegant and make the solar installation an attractive, sophisticated addition to any roof.

S-Class Vision PV modules: 

• Highly robust thanks to glass sheets on the front and back sides

• 2 mm thick anti-reflective glass

• 30 year performance warranty (98 to 87 per cent after 30 years)

• 20 year product warranty

• Mechanical loading of up to 6,600 Pa

• For on-roof and in-roof installations

• Compatible with all current mounting systems

• Attractive design