2016 Version Of PINK Stereo Headphones And Headsets in Six Different Shades Of Pink And Color Combinations –Mar 21, 2016– Osaka, Japan (Techreleased) – This 2016 version of PINK PINK PINK in-ear headphones and headsets features a timeless and stylish design in different shades of pink that will inspire the senses of fashion enthusiasts. Similar to the other PINK PINK PINK models, these headphones and headsets are affordable in price, and yet they feature a stylish design using different pink tones which are reminiscent of pretty nail art. The variety of designs of stereo headphones for AV devices and a headset for smartphones are perfect for a wide range of music listeners.

2016 version of PINK headphones

In terms of quality, these models deliver articulate treble, clear mid-pitch and rich bass, out of a cute body, as a result of improving audio resolution. Each model is equipped with a dynamic driver measuring 8.5 mm in diameter and a cylindrical housing which gradually turns into a triangular column, successfully reducing unwanted vibrations and producing accurate and well-balanced sounds. A neodymium magnet used in the driver enables the reproduction of a wide range of sound, especially clear treble. The diaphragm used in the driver is made of an extremely thin PET film (6.5 micron), delivering highly-responsive and well-defined sound. Thanks to the proprietary design of the bass port, bass reproduction has been drastically improved to deliver crisp bass. Further, by using four-wire separate lead-out cables, crosstalk has been reduced, which realizes the reproduction of a wider and expanding high range.

Both models use in-ear plugs that fit snugly into your ear and offer high sound insulation, allowing you to listen to music without worrying about noise leakage or being bothered by external noise. The ear caps come in four sizes so you can find the best fit for your ears, including generic S/M/L sizes, plus a smaller XS size. In addition, the in-ear type is also perfect for those who want to keep their hair from getting messed up. The cables are generously long at 1.2 m.

The headsets, ‘EHP-CN200M series’, can be connected to smartphones with a diameter 3.5 mm 4-conductor mini-plug (*1), which allows you to enjoy not only music but also telephone conversations using the built-in microphone. The remote control switch with a built-in microphone allows you to pick up/end calls (*2, *3, *4).
Both series are available in six different patterns using pink as a core color combined with white or black. The stylish design will definitely add some style to your ears.