Aug 31, 2012–Franklin,USA (Techreleased) –2013 NISSAN Maxima – Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System Operating Tips. The Bluetooth® Hands-free system enables you to make and receive wireless calls with hands-free convenience. Important details for activating and using this feature are in your Owner’s Manual. If your vehicle is NOT equipped with the navigation system, please see your Owner’s Manual for details on your Bluetooth system.

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your Bluetooth® system:
When using the Bluetooth® system, keep the interior of your vehicle as quiet as possible.
Press THIS button on the steering wheel to activate voice recognition.

Wait until after the tone sounds to speak a command.

Begin speaking a command within 5 seconds of the tone.

Speak in a clear and natural voice without pausing between words.

Look straight ahead and avoid speaking too loudly or too softly.

To go back to the previous command, say “Go back”.

To cancel a voice recognition session, say “Exit” or press and hold THIS button.

To interrupt the system voice and give a command quickly, press THIS button.

When speaking Phonebook names, please be aware some phones require the last name to be spoken before the first name. For example, “Michael Smith” may be spoken as “Smith Michael”.

To increase or decrease the volume of the voice prompts, push the volume control switches on the steering wheel or turn the volume control dial on the audio system while the system is responding.

Voice commands can be used to operate various Bluetooth System features using the NISSAN Voice Recognition system. For more details, see “NISSAN Voice Recognition System” in your Owner’s Manual.

If the Voice Recognition system does not recognize your voice commands, train the system using the Voice Adaptation Mode. See your Owner’s Manual for detailed information.

Some commands are not available while the vehicle is in motion.

The “Help” command can be used to hear a list of available commands at any time.