Peugeot 2008 Urban Crossover
Peugeot 2008 Urban Crossover

Jan 07, 2013– Mulhouse, France  (Techreleased) – With the 2008, Peugeot capitalises on its expertise acquired with the success of the 3008 Crossover to create an innovative vehicle for the B segment.

Set to go on sale in Spring 2013, it joins in the dynamic of the product offensive initiated successfully by the 208.

The new crossover by Peugeot is the first vehicle produced by the Marque that was designed and developed simultaneously by several geographic markets. With its worldwide objectives, the 2008 thrusts the Marque into a new dynamic, in line with its strategy of developing its crossover range and attracting new customers.

An innovative concept

In a world which is constantly evolving and increasingly urban, a new generation of customers is emerging. Eager to always be on the move; they feed on dynamism. Agile, diverse, they can be found on every continent and are looking for products which reflect their personality.

Drawing strength from this observation, the Marque drew up a specification with ambitious objectives. From the start, it incorporated into the DNA of the crossover by Peugeot, which combines an accomplished driving experience, stylish design with practical advantages, the challenge of designing a vehicle intended for an international clientele across three geographic markets.

Peugeot rose to the challenge. Upmarket, dynamic, the new crossover by Peugeot offers a rich and varied experience in the B segment. So, at just 4.16m long, the 2008 innovates by uniquely combining the driving characteristics of a hatchback and the strength of an SUV with an on-board area (passenger space, modularity and comfort) which invites you to enjoy each moment to the full. Equally at ease in town as on the open road, it can escape from the city with confidence due to its extended mobility features. Stimulating and versatile, the 2008 suits all customers.

The 2008 is to be produced close to its markets, in France (Mulhouse), in China (Wuhan) and in Brazil (Porto Real).