Wärtsilä supplies a 120 MW Smart Power Generation power plant to Oman – Dec 11, 2014– Helsinki, Finland (Techreleased) – Wärtsilä has been awarded to supply a 120 MW Smart Power Generation power plant for Musandam Power Company (MPC) in Northern Oman. The power plant will provide electricity for the Governorate of Musandam. The plant, delivered on a turn-key basis, is scheduled to be fully operational in late 2016. The contract includes a long-term service and maintenance agreement of 15 years. MPC is a majority-owned subsidiary of Oman Oil Company.

120 MW Smart Power Generation power plant

“Musandam Power Company has selected an optimal internal combustion engine (ICE) configuration for this project, following a complete pre-qualification and tendering process, to deliver flexible and sustainable energy to the Musandam Governorate. In partnership with Wärtsilä, the environmentally friendly Musandam Power Plant will use clean natural gas as the main fuel to maintain the stability of the local electricity supply, and support sustainable development in the Governorate,” Mohammed Al-Abduwani, the Chairman of the MPC Board said.

The Smart Power Generation plant will consist of 15 Wärtsilä 34DF engines. The dual-fuel units use natural gas as the main fuel and light fuel oil as back-up. The power station will meet the dynamic load demand in the rapidly developing Musandam governorate, responding to load variations between 10 and 120 MW. It will operate in high humidity and extreme temperatures of up to 50 degrees. The plant is designed to operate in island mode in the isolated Musandam grid. This means reliability is imperative.

“Reliability and availability is guaranteed by the modular design of the plant, providing sufficient stand-by capabilities to meet the future dispatch requirement,” said Lars-Åke Kjell, Regional Director of Wärtsilä Power Plants. “We are proud to showcase the capabilities of our ICE solution against competing generation technologies in this open tendering process. Our competitive edges were lifecycle value, operational flexibility and high efficiency,” he added.

Wärtsilä’s total installed capacity in the Middle East is approximately 7000 MW