Apr 18, 2013– Guangdong, China  (Techreleased) –Last week, Vroon’s first newbuilding livestock carrier – Galloway Express – was launched at the Cosco Shipyard in Guangdong, China. The launching took place in two stages. On 6 April the vessel was pulled from the slipway to the floating dock, a process that took six hours. The second stage, on 9 April, was to lower the ship into the water by filling the floating dock.

Galloway Express Vessel
Galloway Express Vessel

Galloway Express is the first of four livestock carriers being built for Vroon at the Shipyard. We look forward to her delivery this summer.

Galloway Express vessel particulars
This is one of four next-generation livestock vessels being built in China. The vessels are designed to have a cargo capacity of approx. 4,500 sqm (approx 4,000 head of cattle at 350 kg/head) and a cruising range of approx. 18,000 NM, sufficient for a voyage from Brazil to China and back without refuelling. The vessels will be fitted with animal welfare services (ventilation / watering / feeding) that exceed Australian (AMSA) regulations which are considered to be the world’s most stringent. The vessels will be delivered in 2013.
The vessels feature a new design of bow which will result in significant fuel savings whilst being able to maintain a high service speed of abt 16.75 knots in heavy weather without detrimental impact to the comfort of the livestock cargo on board.