ES1000 Ethernet Switch
ES1000 Ethernet Switch

Nov 12, 2012– Copenhagen, Denmark  (Techreleased) – Mita-Teknik has developed the optimal solution for wind turbine- and park communication with our newest switch and router. Our robust Park Communication solution is highly optimized for the environmental challenges of today’s wind industry and designed to withstand the harsh and severe environment of wind turbines.

Upgrade your Wind Park Communication and benefit from:

  • An optimal combination of Power and Speed
  • Developed specifically for the Wind Industry
  • Fast Communication Speed
  • All relevant data to ensure Optimal Performance of your Wind Park

Reliable Communication
Connecting wind turbines and wind parks to the Internet is a security risk. Our highly reliable Gigabit Router makes it secure to connect wind turbines and wind parks to the Internet. Our SCADA system, Gateway combined with the Gigabit Ethernet Switch and Router makes park monitoring safe, easy and secure.

The Gigabit Ethernet Router VPN protects your wind turbine and wind park from unauthorized access. The Gigabit Ethernet Switch is especially designed for creating a communication network between the wind turbines in the wind park. The redundant concept and the option for battery backup, ensure reliable communication in the wind park despite ongoing service or installations.

Ethernet has become a standard for communication between devices in the industry today. Especially fiber optic Ethernet switches are used. More and more switches are used for both communication in the wind turbine, between wind turbines (park communication) and as connection point to the Internet.

Connection Stability
The Wind Park Communication solution setup supports remote managing for remote status, software updates and fast servicing. Learn more about the outstanding Connection Stability.

ES1000 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

  • Compact 3-in-1 Solution; Ethernet Switch, Wi-Fi Access Point and Serial Communication Server (RS232, RS422, RS485)
  • Digital in- and outputs (alarm)
  • Batteri Back-up
  • Supports relevant Ethernet Standards
  • Park Communication based on Fibre Optic Communication

ER1000 Gigabit Ethernet Router

  • Redundant Gigabit Fiber Optic Industrial Router
  • Highly Reliable – makes park monitoring Easy and Secure
  • Connects Wind Turbines safely to the Internet
  • Firewall – protects against unfriendly attacks
  • VPN protects the Turbines from unauthorized access
  • Redundant Internet Connection – fall-back
  • Supports Socks Proxy Server