Toshiba to launch new REGZA Z8X series for Japanese market – May 28, 2013– Tokyo, Japan  (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation today announced that the company will launch a new series of high resolution 4K ultra HD TVs*1 , the REGZA Z8X series, at the end of June in Japan.

REGZA Z8X series
REGZA Z8X series

The new TVs will be available in 58-, 65- and 84-inch models, all with 4K LCD panel screens. All models integrate Toshiba’s newly developed REGZA ENGINE CEVO 4K and Cinema 4K image processing system and deliver high impact 4K resolution images.

The REGZA Z8X series offers a wide range of functions. Above all, Z8X upscales standard HD images from digital broadcasts and Blu-ray Discs™ to close to astonishing 4K-image level. With Toshiba’s optional external flat HDD, THD-450T1, which fits onto the back of the TV, viewers can record a maximum of six selected channels of digital terrestrial broadcasting for as long as 80 hours, and quickly find and watch preferred programs. The TVs also connect with Toshiba’s TimeOn cloud service*2, which makes it easy to find and enjoy content, share with friends and family.

In recent years, a market preference for large screen TVs has triggered growing expectations for higher resolution TVs. In response, Toshiba developed the REGZA X3 series, the world’s first 4K ultra HD TVs and their December 2011 launch brought a new level of image quality to large screen TVs. With the new Z8X series, Toshiba introduces an upgraded high resolution image processing system that delivers even sharper, more realistic picture quality.

Toshiba’s Digital Product business continues to promote business reforms that are reinforcing its business foundations and improving profitability and aims to contribute to the company’s overall business expansion by introducing high value added and strategic products in the global market.